Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another week gone by quickly…...

Many of our Liberia Missionaries have finished their missions and are heading for home.  I'm sure they never thought that they'd be returning home from a completely different mission than the one they started out in! I know we didn't!!  
 Here we are with Elder Tolar.  He left on Tuesday for his home in Atlanta, Georgia.  We LOVE it when we are able to spend time with any of those missionaries we served with in Liberia. 
Well done Elder Tolar. 

Here are the Senior Sisters of the Ghana Accra West Mission -
L to R - Sisters Latham, Berrett, Keele, Hill, and Dalton.
Elder and Sister Dalton also left for home this week after serving 2 missions in Ghana.

Look closely at the dust on these plantain trees.  This is result of no rain, dusty roads, and Harmattan.
This week the Harmattan has started to improve.  

We stopped by with the Elders to visit Phillip.  It has been a while since they've been able to see him.  He wasn't home today.  Had to work but you can see his humble home.  

Next to Phillip's home were these children playing in the dirt.  See the cute little boy sitting in the cardboard box.  I wish you could have heard them laughing and having so much fun.  We stood and watched them for a few minutes just to listen to them laugh.

After church today, Healer and his little sister were sitting on the steps enjoying their treat from Primary.  Beautiful children.

Here's Elder Berrett's buddy, Nicholas, leaving church carrying his scriptures on his head.  Nicholas has one of the best smiles around.  His whole face lights up.  At least once a week we'll hear him outside our door calling for Elder Berrett to come talk.

More baptisms in Adoagyiri.  What was special about today's baptisms is that a husband baptized his wife and a father baptized his son.  The first time we've seen that on our mission.  Most are convert baptisms done by the missionaries.  It's good to see men accept their role as priesthood leaders in their home.

Well, what are you going to do when you see cookies named 'EET-SUM-MOR'?  You have to buy them and try them out of course. They were a really good shortbread cookie.  
We probably will 'EET-SUM-MOR'!

Last week I posted about catching the mouse that kept 'visiting' our apartment.  Elder Ridenour drew this picture of what went on.  I told him how happy we were to have an original, signed piece of his art work!  I think he captured me perfectly - on the couch, feet up off the floor, and my camera ready to capture the event.


  1. Those children are so darling! I love seeing their bright smiles. Bring me one! :) I'd have stopped at that box to listen to them, too. Nothing better than the sound of children's laughter. That drawing of Dad and the elders catching the mouse and you on the couch is awesome! What a talented missionary! It was humbling to see the home of that investigator and inspiring to hear about the baptisms. The work of the Lord is moving forward in Africa. Keep fighting the good fight. Love you both so much!

  2. Can't believe it's almost your turn to come home.....45 days!!! Not that we're counting!! ;) Love seeing the pictures of those beautiful children, there's something special about them! I love that picture the Elder drew, so talented!