Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some of the best things about Liberia are...

These are 'our' missionaries.  We are over the Bushrod Island District.  We met for a District Zone Conference.  Elder Vinson, a member of the area Presidency and his wife came and spoke to us.  It was wonderful.  We have 40 missionaries in our district.  Nine are from the US, one from the Philippines, and the rest are from somewhere in Africa.  They are the best.  We love being with them!  They live under not easiest conditions, but they are happy and keep busy teaching.  Most teach 4 - 5 lessons a day!  There are baptisms every Saturday.  Last Saturday in just our district, there were 16 people baptized.  They figure in a month's time, the mission baptizes enough people to form a new branch.  Just need to baptize more potential priesthood leaders.

Finally got to walk on the beach.  Denney and I went with Sister Hezseltine.  Was not a good day to find sea glass, but I'll be back!  This is Ambassador Beach not too far from our apartment.  

Painted on a wall at the beach.  Important words to live by!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The youth of the church in Liberia - We love them!

Service project for the Bushrod Island Young Men and Young Women. Wearing their Mormon Helping Hands vests, they cleaned along side the road, working their way towards the Duala Chapel.  They didn't even let rain slow them down.  They were so happy and loved to get their picture taken.

Here's Elder Berrett talking with some of the Young Men. It was quite a sight to drive down this bumpy dirt road and see at least 100 youth and their leaders in their yellow vests, working so hard to cut down the vegetation alongside the road - even sweeping the road with large palm leaves.  

Sunday we attended the Point 4 Branch.  I visited in Primary - my favorite place to be.  Being with the children helps fill a little hole in my heart so that I don't miss my grandchildren quite so much.  I told them how much Heavenly Father loves them and so do I.  Then I taught them to sign 'I Love You'.    That's what they are all trying to do in the picture.  They are the future of the church in Africa.  Hopefully we can help prepare them to be it's leaders.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life is good in Monrovia!

This is the beach by the Mission Office.  As we come down the road each day on our way to the Mission Office we are always awed the beautiful view of the ocean.

This is the view from the Mission President's balcony at the Mission Office. 

So if I have the beach AND Pepsi life is good!  Right?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Karza Maher Elementary School

More pictures from our outing to the Karza Maher Elementary School.  Denney was so excited to be able to visit an elementary school.  He was able to meet the principal and shake his hand.  This little room was either the Principal's office or the sick room OR both.

Community latrine. 

Walking from the school down to the river.

Here is the river where laundry and bathing is done.  They have to watch for crocodiles.

The village community and students (in their orange uniforms) who attended the program to accept the desks, chalkboard, and school supplies from the Church humanitarian missionaries.

One of the student desks.

Look at how beautifully this little girl's hair is braided.

Beautiful baby!

Not sure what this is supposed to be. You should have seen him dancing and jumping around!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

More pictures of our trip to the school in the bush...

We were trying to put on pictures of our trip to the school in the bush that we took last week BUT the internet is so slow tonight.  Took about 45 minutes to load these two pictures. So here's a picture of the road as we drove in.  I'll try putting more on in the morning.  Hopefully things will be faster then.

We had so many requests last week for a picture of Denney dancing like an African.  Here it is!
The other two men in white shirts are Elder Heszeltine, another Senior missionary, and President Sayon of the Bushrod Island District Presidency.  Look at the African guy dancing between them.  He caused such a disturbance during the program, that a couple of men grabbed him by the ankles and drug him outside.  But he was back on his feet in time to dance!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

We're in Liberia!

We made it! The weary travelers have arrived in Liberia. At the airport we were so worried about going through customs with our 8 suitcases, when an angel named Samuel Payne showed up to help us.  He quickly gathered all our bags, stacked them on a cart, and started moving us towards the line specified for 'Diplomats'.  "Oh, no," I say, "we're just missionaries."  He said not to worry and handed our papers to the customs agent, who then pointed at the sign and said, "Do you see that sign?  It says Diplomats."  "I know.  He told us to get in this line," I say, trying to apologize.  The agent tells me again, "The sign says Diplomats."  Then he says, "You are Diplomats for God.  Go on through."  He then folds up our papers without even looking at them.  A tender mercy for sure! 

It was so hard to choose which pictures to show this time - we have seen so many different things in our first 4 days in Liberia.  But I think my favorite thing we've done so far was to travel with the Humanitarian Missionaries - Brother and Sister Miles - to visit a school they had donated 115 desks, 6 chalkboards, and school supplies to.  The village, which was located deep in the bush, had a ceremony to receive the desks and thank the church.  President and Sister Kirkham (who were given a chicken) and 3 other missionary couples, along with the Miles, were invited to attend.  Denney was thrilled to be going to a school.  The children were so excited for the new desks.  They used to sit on low benches made out of bamboo.  Now they each had their own desk.  After the program, the village gathered in a circle and a drummer began to beat his drum.  Then a few of the villagers began to dance.  Well, before you know it some of the missionary Elders joined in!  I'll never forget seeing Denney dance like an African!  I loved being with the beautiful children who all had to shake our hands.  It was a wonderful experience.