Monday, September 9, 2013

Karza Maher Elementary School

More pictures from our outing to the Karza Maher Elementary School.  Denney was so excited to be able to visit an elementary school.  He was able to meet the principal and shake his hand.  This little room was either the Principal's office or the sick room OR both.

Community latrine. 

Walking from the school down to the river.

Here is the river where laundry and bathing is done.  They have to watch for crocodiles.

The village community and students (in their orange uniforms) who attended the program to accept the desks, chalkboard, and school supplies from the Church humanitarian missionaries.

One of the student desks.

Look at how beautifully this little girl's hair is braided.

Beautiful baby!

Not sure what this is supposed to be. You should have seen him dancing and jumping around!


  1. It's so fun to see all the pictures and to hear about your adventures. I think the world of you two! Take Care!

  2. Awesome pictures, mom! I love hearing about your experiences. Dad's principal office looked similar...

  3. Oh Denny and Lorene it is just amazing. We have been anxiously awaiting news of your arrival in your new mission. Loved the blog! Wow! You guys are pioneers! The work is sweet, but like you we sometimes look around us and wonder what an adventure. Bendiciones from Peru! The church is true! Love you, Pat and Alan