Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some of the best things about Liberia are...

These are 'our' missionaries.  We are over the Bushrod Island District.  We met for a District Zone Conference.  Elder Vinson, a member of the area Presidency and his wife came and spoke to us.  It was wonderful.  We have 40 missionaries in our district.  Nine are from the US, one from the Philippines, and the rest are from somewhere in Africa.  They are the best.  We love being with them!  They live under not easiest conditions, but they are happy and keep busy teaching.  Most teach 4 - 5 lessons a day!  There are baptisms every Saturday.  Last Saturday in just our district, there were 16 people baptized.  They figure in a month's time, the mission baptizes enough people to form a new branch.  Just need to baptize more potential priesthood leaders.

Finally got to walk on the beach.  Denney and I went with Sister Hezseltine.  Was not a good day to find sea glass, but I'll be back!  This is Ambassador Beach not too far from our apartment.  

Painted on a wall at the beach.  Important words to live by!


  1. Those are the 40 luckiest missionaries because they have you guys.

    Make sure you don't violate that beach sign.

  2. You look right at home there on the beach Mom! :) After hearing all the stories about the missionaries it was fun to see a picture of them. They sound like some pretty incredible people!! Love the PuPu sign, who knew that needed clarification! :)

  3. Words to live by! I love seeing you on the beach.

  4. Look at those warrior missionaries! I'm sure they adore you and dad.