Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How da day?.........Day awrigh.

It's been very hard for Denney and I to understand what's being said to us.  We listen very carefully and watch their mouths BUT...   The missionaries are trying to help us learn to speak Liberian.  The 'th' sound is pronounced 'd' and you don't finish your words.  Plus, we've learned that we talk too fast and use too many words so we are hard for them to understand.  We pray every day that we can communicate better.  So, as a greeting you say - 'How da day?'  (How's the day)  They answer 'Day awrigh' (Day's alright)

We finally got our missionary boots.  They are just like the ones Denney wears in the garden at home but I don't care what they look like, they keep our feet dry.  It rains almost every day.  Some times so hard that the wipers on the truck can't keep the window clear.  The streets flood and all the pot holes fill up making it hard to know how deep they are.  It's said that Monrovia gets 200 inches of rain a year. Sometimes I think it all comes in one day!

Took four missionaries to the airport to fly home yesterday...Elder Willis, Elder Harris, Elder Andersen, and Elder Smith.  Such great young men.  It was hard for them to leave and us to let them go!

I think we found ourselves another BYU fan here in Liberia!!


  1. BYU: The World is our Campus.

  2. I think you guys look amazing in the boots. I am so happy you have them. What cute missionaries, I bet it was hard to see them go. We love all the pictures, thanks for taking the time to post them. Love you.

  3. "How da day" is going to be my new greeting! I love reading about your life in Liberia. The picture of the missionaries leaving to go home tugged at my heart.

  4. I can relate to the language in Lib. I am from Liberia.