Sunday, October 20, 2013

Random pictures for the week

Look at this picture closely.  

Can you tell what's going on?  Look closely.  See on the front of the white truck it says MISSIONARY, backwards?  That's because you are looking at our reflection in a large mirror that is being hauled by the truck in front of us.  Elder Berrett is driving and I'm taking the picture.  Can you see us?  When we first glanced up, we thought this truck was coming towards us, but then we realized it was just our reflection!

So in one of our missionary apartments, their iron broke.  Their landlord gave them a Liberian iron to use. You open the top and put hot coals in to heat it up.  Notice the cute little chicken shape on top.  I'd love to bring one home with me, but I'm afraid it is way too heavy.

One minute it was so sunny and we were following this truck full of bags of coal and people setting on top of them.  Then it started to rain.  And I mean RAIN!  Those setting on top were able to pull a tarp over them, but those standing on the back bumper of the truck just had to hang on.

Look closely and you can see there are 3 men on the back bumper hanging on for dear life.

Then the rains stopped and these beautiful clouds appeared.

We were talking with one of our Liberian friends and he couldn't believe that we don't see bananas growing like this at our house.  This is Brother Miles brining us some bananas.  

Here's Elder Berrett going African on us - trying to carry a box of books on his head.  Only difference is that a true African wouldn't need their hands to help balance it.  He did say it was easier to carry the box this way instead of in his arms.  

We've seen people here carry the most amazing things on their heads.  Saw one woman with two cinder blocks balanced on top of her head.  You see people with 5 gallon water containers, or large bowls of fruit to sell.  Even little children use their heads.  We see children at church balancing their scriptures on top of their heads.  They can even bend down and pick something up while perfectly balancing what's on their head.  Amazing!

Now this is how it's done!!


  1. Great pictures! Can't wait to see you carrying all your luggage home on your heads.

  2. I love all the pictures of your adventures in Liberia. You and dad are so cute. I hope you figure out how to balance on your head before you come home, your grandkids would love it. I also would love that iron that you have with that cute little bird. See what you can do about bringing them home for all the girls, haha. I love you and I love your blog.

  3. Lorene!!! Hello. Lara gave me your blog info and I love it. I've added it to my favorites to read. I am amazed that they carry everything on their heads. Perhaps I'll try it just around my home because I can't imagine that it's easier. Isn't that why we have the opposable thumbs? ;)

  4. I love the picture of you and Dad in the mirror...took me a minute to figure it out!! You have to bring home an iron, even if you carry it on your head the whole way home, it's so cool!! I can't believe all that lady has on top of her head, and no hands.....impressive!!

  5. Love the pictures Mom! You really never kow what you're going to see or do from day to day, huh?! Love you!

  6. What a great bunch of pictures!! Fun to see you guys in your truck. I've prayed many times for your safety in that truck! The Africans really know how to use their heads! Think Daren would let me try putting him up there? He still likes me to carry him sometimes. I think it's so great you are taking the time to document everything.