Saturday, October 26, 2013

Logan Town AND ...

'Defenders of the Faith'

Don't they look official?  
Here are a few of the Elders from the Logan Town Zone in the Bushrod Island District.    
 (L to R - Elders Humpherys, Zaugg, Price, Bowring, and Guymon.)
As these Elders were getting ready to leave after Saturday's baptism, we noticed they all had on their  sunglasses...well, we needed a picture of that!  Saturday was the nicest baptism we've been to here in Liberia.  The missionaries had made some changes to make it an even nicer meeting than usual. We were glad we were there.  


Here are some pictures of the Logan Town Branch building where Elder Berrett and I have been assigned to attend.

Our truck is the only one parked at the church on Sundays.  The members either walk or have to pay to ride a motorcycle taxi to get to church. The road in front of the building is full of deep potholes which fill up with water when it rains.  It's quite the adventure just getting to church!

Notice the roof and shutters on the windows.  There is no glass in the windows and no electricity or running water in the building.  When it rains, the ceiling leaks and the members just slide over on the benches so they won't get wet.  The branch will be fasting this next Fast Sunday that we can find a new building for them to meet in.  Please join with us in our fast.  These humble and devoted members of the church need a better place to meet.  

Update - It rained so hard at church yesterday, that the rain hitting the zinc roof sounded like a freight train.  The ceiling started to leak - really leak - emptying the first two rows of benches.  Rain was blowing in the windows so they shut the shutters and boy, was it dark.  We could barley make out the white shirts of those setting up front.  Because there's no sound system, we could not hear the speaker. Everyone just sat quietly, trying to listen.  I never realized before the humble circumstances that many of the members attend church in each week.  I love these Logan Town members.



Elder Berrett used the timer on our camera to get this picture of the chairs, us, and our first Institute Marriage Preparation Class.  You should have seen him run to get into place before the camera took the picture!!  (He's not slowing down at all.)  We are all holding our Student Manuals.  We teach twice a week in two different locations. These classes keep us on our toes.    


  1. It makes you appreciate where we are able to meet - we will be joining you in praying for a new building for those faithful Saints.

  2. We will join in that fast too! :) I bet your class is wonderful! I would love to be a student there! Glad to hear Dad isn't slowing down! Love you!

  3. We will also be praying and fasting for a new building to be found. What a fabulous group of missionaries, they all look so cool in their shades. Thanks for all the pictures and updates, we love them. I even got an email telling me you had added another post. So it works! Way to go Mom and Dad, we all love you so much.

  4. As I wait for my PDay email to arrive from Elder Price, I checked your blog for updates. It made me so happy to see that fun "Defenders of the Faith" photo. LOVE IT! Thanks again for sharing! And here's a "direct" link to the Meridian Magazine article:

  5. I love all the pictures, especially the one with you and Pops in it! You look great! I'm amazed at the building these members meet in. What a faithful bunch. We'll be joining in the fast, too. I can't wait to see how The Lord is going to provide.