Saturday, February 1, 2014

You can take the Berretts out of Liberia, BUT…...

You can't take Liberia out of the Berretts!! 

 While it's been nice to be home and see everyone, we really are missing Liberia and being 'real' missionaries.  We've had a couple of experiences that have helped with our 'homesickness' for Liberia.

We were able to meet Elder Orton's family and Elder Zaugg's mom and sister.
We had such a nice visit with them and were able to tell them we had recently seen their Elders and that they are doing well.

(We might not look like missionaries, but we still feel like ones!)

It really is a small world, especially in the church.  When we told Dr. Jason Hansen, who removed the growth from my cheek, that we were missionaries in Liberia, he made it possible for us to meet a young  man named Alex Vandi.  Alex works as a security guard at the doctor's clinic.  Alex had escaped with his family from Liberia during their civil war to live in a refugee camp in Sierra Leone.  He now lives in Utah.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with him.  

He gave us his sister's name and address for the missionaries to go visit.  A referral!!  Our plan is to go to Paynesville, and meet her when we get back.


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