Monday, January 20, 2014

What a difference a week makes!!

LAST MONDAY (Jan. 13), we were in Liberia at the Mission Office attending a farewell 
luncheon for Sisters Nyamekye and Udenwa who would leave for home the next day.  
Later that day, we were on OUR way home.

The Thursday before, we learned we would have to come home for me to have a growth removed from my cheek.  No doctor in Liberia could do what needed to be done.  
"OK, we'll go home, get it done and come right back." BUT the trip home also found I have a growth on my thyroid.  
So, THIS MONDAY (Jan. 20), we're waiting for the results of my thyroid biopsy.

The size of the bandage makes it look worse than it really is.  I was accused of coming home for a face lift.  Really? If I was going to get a face lift, I hope I'd look better than this!!


So while we wait to see what will happen next, we've been able to spend time with family.  Can't complain about that!  Here we are with our 20 grandchildren.  Didn't think we'd be doing this for a least another year.  

We are missing Liberia and all the wonderful missionaries there. 
 We're anxious to go back and get to work.  


  1. What a great family pic! I'm praying everything goes well. At least we know it will work out "right". :) Love you guys! Beth(Anne) :)

  2. Hope things work out well for you so you can go back! It's fun to see you gathered with family here in this picture!

  3. I am a missionary for the church as well right now. It is good to see the same work moving forward in other parts of the world as well!