Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Hard for us to believe it's 2014.  That we've been in Liberia parts of 6 different months.  We are excited  to be able to spend this next year here.

This Sunday will be our last in Logan Town Branch.  President Kirkham has assigned us 
to the New Kru Town Branch for the next few months.  It will be hard for us to leave Logan Town.  We have come to love these members and think of them as 'our' branch.

Elder Berrett with Brother McCauley.  
Brother McCauley owns the building where Logan Town meets.  Elder Berrett first met him when he and a member of the Branch Presidency were looking at the land behind the church to see if there would be room to add on.  Brother McCauley's home is behind the church.  Elder Berrett invited him to come to worship with us.  He said yes and came the very next Sunday.  Since then, he's been baptized, ordained a priest, and baptized his own son.  He will be a real asset to the branch.  

This is Logan Town's Branch President - President Borwah - with his immediate and some of his extended family.  He also has a son on a mission in Nigeria.  

During Primary, this little girl was fussy so Sister Sorbo, the Branch Primary President, picked her and put her on her back.  See how she's just holding on.  It's not even her little girl.  As soon as the little girl was on her back, she quieted down and was happy.  I was amazed how she was able to stay on!  The President just went on teaching the lesson.  No big deal!

We rode with the Humanitarian Missionaries - Elder and Sister Miles - to check on a couple of the well sites and latrines they are having built.  The communities we visited were so pleased to be getting their own. 

 These might be the only bathrooms some of these people will ever see or use.  Many came up to us to say thank you.  What great work the church is doing here in Liberia.  Brother and Sister Miles have worked so hard and blessed many lives.  

Something for you to think about this new year.

We love you all and wish you the best year yet in 2014.


  1. That picture of the little girl on the Primary Presidents back is hilarious! I think we should try that in our ward :) I am so glad you included a picture of Brother McCauley, what a great man, and Dad looks so cute. I love you guys and I am so proud of you and how hard you are working in Liberia. I am happy to say that next year you will be home :) Love you lots.

  2. Nobody poses at a public restroom like our mom

  3. Your blogs given me all sorts of ideas of things to try in our Primary! :) It's so fun to see pictures of people we've heard so many wonderful things about! The Church is true and how lucky you are to be so involved in it. Proud of both of you!