Saturday, December 28, 2013

If it's Saturday, there must be a baptism!

Baptisms at the Duala District Center 

Here I am in the hall with our Bushrod Island District missionaries before the baptism.
L to R - Elders Guymon, Bangura, Erickson, Zaugg, me, Zolo, Montgomery, Fairwell, Pearmain, Humpherys, Gunnell, and Backman.  

I had just handed out the Christmas cards and candy our family had sent for the missionaries.  Of course the package containing the candy that was mailed clear back in November didn't arrive till after Christmas, but I think the missionaries were still pleased to get them.

11 people were baptized today.  Some members along with three of our missionaries did the baptizing.
See the three with name tags?  They are -  Front - Elders Humpherys, and Price.  
Back - Elder Montgomery.


  1. I love seeing the missionaries, what fabulous young men. 11 baptisms in one day? That is so great! I am glad they were able to get our family card, even if it was a couple days late. Love, love, love you.

  2. No wonder you love Saturdays so much! Glad the package made it, better late than never!!

  3. I just love reading your stories! What fun, amazing adventures you are having!! We sure do miss you here! (I especially miss you in primary :( ) Thank you for inspiring all of us! I can't wait until I can serve a mission!!