Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stop and Shop

There's actually a store here in Monrovia called 'Stop and Shop' BUT you can also stop and shop when you pull up to a red light!

Vendors walk between the cars selling anything from boxes of kleenex, windshield wipers, dog leashes - which is interesting because I've never seen anyone here walk a dog - to water, or as they say 'wata', in sachets - which are like sandwich sized plastic bags filled with water.
Look down this row of cars and you can see 3 different vendors.
 They really have to watch the traffic and lights so that they can get back to the side of the road when the light turns green.

Here's a young boy selling cookies or what they call 'biscuits'.  Elder Berrett and I buy a biscuit every Wednesday on our way to teach our Marriage Prep Class.  

These biscuits cost 20 Liberian Dollars.  That makes them about $.25 US.  They are not as sweet as a cookie but really quite good.

Why you can even buy a Christmas tree - already decorated - while you sit in you car at a red light.  Talk about convenient!  Who wouldn't want one of these beautifully decorated trees?  This could really make Christmas shopping so much easier - you could do it all from the convenience of your car.


  1. Great photos; especially the Christmas tree one! How convenient!

  2. The trees are nice but the wafers filled with milk cream look amazing

  3. Those Liberians are on to something! We could really use a Stop and Shop here in America! I'm hoping you bought one of those Christmas trees and gave that poor boys arm a break! :) Love seeing what life in Africa is like for you 2, keep the pictures coming! Love you!

  4. I love this idea, the money we could make walking up and down Ft. Union selling stuff. Thanks for sharing all the pictures, I love them all, and I love you so much.

  5. Stop and Shop? Brilliant! Sure love all the pictures!