Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Zone Conference for Bushrod Island Missionaries

Logan Town and Doe Community Districts
Front - Elders Humpherys and Zaugg
Back - Elders Gunnell, Guymon, Backman, Erickson, Obeng-Poku, Khasiahi

New Kru Town and Point 4 Districts
Front - Sisters Iwenofu, Addo, Nyamekye, Okeke
Back - Elders Pearmain, Fairwell, Price, Manqana

Banjor District
Elders Bowring, Freeman, Inyang, Enwukweri

Brewerville District
Elders Cooper, Montgomery, Marondera, Bosomtwe

Duala District
Elders Nakale, Ideh, Anderson, Egbu

Caldwell District
Front - Elder Tolar
Back - Elders Jensen, Godi, Falemai

Caldwell New Georgia District
Elders Bangura, Zolo, Sekirime, Ngobi

Upper Caldwell District
Elders Jemba, Osayi, Witehira, Conners

 President and Sister Kirkham gave each Elder a new pair of socks.  The Sisters got fans and wash cloths. And they all got a phone card to use to call home on Christmas.
Here's Elders Backman and Erickson enjoying their new Christmas socks.

The first day of Conference was a 'fun' day.  We played games and enjoyed the talents of the missionaries. For lunch we had great sandwiches from Stop and Shop, real corn chips, and bottles of soda.  Sister Hezseltine and I made homemade treats for dessert.

The second day was a more spiritual day.  Elder Berrett and I did a presentation on 'Eyes up - Do the Work'.  The AP's and President and Sister Kirkham also did presentations.  We had African food for lunch.  It was good, but I think I still enjoy American better!

I loved being able to look around the room and know the names of everyone of the missionaries.  Made me a little teary eyed to realize how far away from home we all are but how happy everyone is to be in Liberia serving their Heavenly Father and sharing the gospel with the good people here.  We love these missionaries and are grateful to be serving with them.  We know they will have an amazing Christmas.


Elders Fairwell and Pearmain for the wonderful banana bread they made for us.  It really was good!  Can you see on the wrapping paper where they've written 'Mice Keep Out'? We're glad the mice could read and we were able to enjoy the bread instead of them.


  1. If you can't be home with your family for Christmas, Zone Conference in Liberia sounds like the next best place to be! I love seeing all those hard working me the chills!! We miss and love you Mom and Dad!

  2. Sounds like an amazing time to me. I love to see all these fabulous missionaries, they all look so happy. Love you and Dad so much.

  3. Sounds like such a great conference. This Christmastime is one you'll never forget!