Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Liberia - 2013

Spent Christmas Eve at Ryan and Shannon Busby's.  He's in the country working for Chevron Oil.  She teaches music at the international school. What a feast we had!!  Best meal yet in Liberia.  So much food and it was all good!!  Thanks for such a nice night.

L to R - Back - you can barely see Elder and Sister Miles' faces, Shannon and Ryan Busby, Alex Deressa (Pediatrician from Ethiopia), Shelia (a teacher at Shannon's school), Sister and Elder Miles
Front - Yvonne (Gynecologist from Liberia), Elder Berrett, Sister Hezseltin, Sister Berrett, Godwin and his parents, Brother and Sister Turgboh

all the Senior Couples met at the Mission Home for a wonderful lunch, fun games, puzzle building, and much laughter.  We were all far from home, but being with everyone made for an enjoyable day.

Front - L to R - Elder and Sister Miles AND the other Sister and Elder Miles
(Elder and Elder Miles are brothers)
Back - Elder and Sister Berrett, President and Sister Kirkham, Sister Hezseltine
(Elder Hezseltine was home ill. )

Before Christmas - as we visited the missionaries, we noticed several of them had fun paper Christmas trees that their families had sent them.  Here's Elder Witehira with his tree.

Here's Elder Gunnell and his Christmas tree.  Each ornament has a picture of a family member.

The Elders in the Logan Town apartments hung their stockings with care.  

The Logan Town Elders made Elder Berrett and I this giant Christmas card.  They each wrote us a note and wished us a Merry Christmas.  The fact that they took time to remember us, meant a lot to us.

This is a picture of a giant Christmas tree on Bushrod Island.  This tree gets put up each Christmas.  Since we're not out much at night, we aren't sure if it lights up or not.  Funny to see this big tree right in the middle of all the traffic.

We were told that the children in Liberia really don't worry about Santa Claus.  For Christmas they get new clothes.  Christmas day, they visit family members who give them money, which they then take to the stores to do some shopping.  As we traveled home from the Mission Home on Christmas, we saw the streets crowded with young people all decked out in their new clothes, going from shop to shop.  Then the evening is when the adults go out and celebrate.  Think we'll be staying in tonight!

We're still amazed when we realize that we're celebrating Christmas in Liberia - Africa!  It was different, but still good.  We love you all and feel of your prayers in our behalf.


  1. I am so glad you have such good people to celebrate with! I love the paper Christmas trees in the missionaries' apartments. Very creative! We loved talking to you today. It made our Christmas extra special.

  2. It made me so happy to hear you had a nice Christmas. Seeing those trees in your missionaries apartments gave us some good ideas for next year :) Love and miss you.

  3. Merry Christmas! So glad you had a nice day; you deserve it. Talking to you guys on the phone was one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

  4. So glad you had a wonderful group of people to celebrate with. Sure do love you!!

  5. We are Literacy missionaries in the Africa West Area and are trying to find Shannon Busby to verify the music for a song she wrote for the Gospel Literacy Manual for the Heckels. Do you have a way to get in touch with her? Thank you very much