Sunday, January 5, 2014

Good Bye to Logan Town :(

It was a sad day for us - Our last at the Logan Town Branch.  It was hard to say goodbye.

The Branch Primary Presidency
Sister Tlula, Sister Sorbo (President), Sister Berrett, Sister Tugbe
I LOVE these ladies!

Logan Town Branch Presidency
with Elder Berrett
Brother Tugbe, President Borwah, Brother Mombo

Notice Elder Berrett and President Borwah have the same good taste in ties!
These are Jatala ties, a well known brand here in Liberia.

My little friend Hannah 'Banana'.  We were both sad to say goodbye.
I was able to give out Rice Krispie treats and smiley face stickers to the Primary children.

Not sure who everyone in the picture is BUT I do know the little boy under my chin.
That's Isaac Morris who is a special little friend to me.  He struggles being good in Primary, but somehow he and I just clicked.  Maybe because I, too, have a hard time being still for very long.  He said to me today, "Sister Berrett, I will miss you" then handed me a flower he'd picked.  I will miss you too, Isaac.

These are the missionaries that are serving in the Logan Town Branch area.

Elder Smith, Sister and Elder Berrett, and Elder Guymon

Elder Khasiahi, Elder Obeng-Poku, Sister and Elder Berrett

Look how crowded church was today.  They brought a bench from one of the classrooms so people could sit down outside.  See in the window, how full the chapel was.

Next week we will start attending the New Kru Town Branch and I'm sure we will come to love the members there just as much.


  1. I love all the pictures! You guys look happy. People love you wherever you two go so I'm sure New Kru will be no different.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I feel sad for you, cause it is always hard to say goodbye. I am sure you will love the members of the New Kru Branch as well. Love you mom and dad.

  3. I got tears thinking of you saying good bye to these dear people. I'm sure they'll miss you as much as you'll miss them. On to the New Kru Branch and many amazing experiences with them!!