Sunday, March 23, 2014

"How you comin' on?"

"How you com in' on?" is a greeting like, 'How are you doing?" 
 I love how it sounds when a Liberian says it.


I need to start this blog post out by saying "Good Bye!" to Elder and Sister Miles 1 and "Hello" to two new Senior Missionary Couples - Elder and Sister Dever from Washington State who are taking the Miles' place as Humanitarian missionaries  and Elder and Sister Ekufu from Nigeria who will be Member Leader Support missionaries like Elder Berrett and I.

We will sure miss the Miles'.  They are a fun couple who have worked so hard for the people of Liberia.  They've literally changed people's lives with the wells and latrines they've built and the schools and orphanages they've helped.  We wish them well as they return home to Hooper, Utah and their family.

Here we all are at the Mission Home after going out to eat Chinese food at the Yellow Flower Restaurant for the Miles' farewell dinner.  Wasn't bad Chinese food when you remember that you're in Liberia, Africa!
Back row - L to R - The Hezseltines, The Miles 2, The Devers, The Ekufus
Front row - L to R - The Berretts, The Miles 1, President and Sister Kirkham


This weekend was the Bushrod Island District Conference.  The chapel in Duala was packed.  It was very hot inside and those in the classrooms were not able to hear, BUT everyone reverently stayed for the whole meeting.

This is us with the Bushrod Island District President and his wife -
President and Sister Prince S. Nyanforh

Members leaving after Conference and walking down the road in front of the chapel to go catch a motor bike or taxi ride home.

Here are some of the missionaries who attended Conference -

Elder Zolo and Elder Dahlin

Elders Zaugg and Elder Kamara

Elder Widdison, Elder LaMont, and Elder Farewell

Elder Osanebi and Elder Humpherys

It was a great Conference and a great day!


  1. I love my parents so much. What amazing missionaries and members of the church in Liberia. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. I love and miss you both so much.

  2. I love all these pictures!!! You both look great! It always touches me to see how dedicated the members are - they STAYED even though it was hot and they couldn't hear. What great examples. You guys are the best. Miss and love you sooo much!