Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Big Thank You!

A 'BIG' Thank you to our wonderful Butler 10th Ward!!

We received the first of three boxes of reading glasses they sent to us.  You should have seen the condition of the box!  Luckily, it was still packed full with about 75 pairs of glasses.  I'm sure the other 2 boxes will arrive shortly.

Notice the red postal tape.  The one corner of the box is totally opened, BUT the box was still so full that I don't think anything escaped.

Here's one of the AP's, Elder Mohlahatsa, trying on a lovely purple pair.
After trying on several pairs, he was able to find the ones he really need.

The other AP's decided to join on in the fun.
Elders Finau, Mohlahatsa, Pentreath

We've already been able to give out several pairs.  I wish you all could be here when they try the glasses on, look at a page in a book, smile and say, "I can see it!"

Elder and Sister Ekufu will be starting a Gospel Literacy Class and the glasses will be a great help to those taking their class.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to help purchase the glasses.  And an extra THANKS to Brother Allan Allred and Sister Sharron Montoya for their efforts in putting this all together.
As the Liberians say, "We are ever so grateful." 


  1. We really do have an amazing ward. Sharron and Al have been so excited to send these glasses. I am so glad that they will be able to go to good use. We are so blessed!

  2. How awesome is the Butler 10th Ward! What an incredible gift to give those sweet people in Liberia. Coming from someone with horrible eyesight I can't imagine getting around without my glasses. So happy they now can see!!

  3. The Butler 10th Ward is the best. What a great thing to be involved in giving someone the gift of sight!