Friday, April 11, 2014

"To teach and preach and work as missionaries do..."

 The Ghana MTC was looking for pictures to put up in their classrooms.  They wanted pictures from each of the West Africa Missions showing missionaries teaching.  Here are a couple of the pictures we submitted of our Liberian missionaries.

  We teach an Eternal Marriage class at the Paynesville Chapel on Wednesday night.  We love it when we drive up and see the missionaries teaching under the big tree there in the yard.
L to R - Elders Price, Pearmain, Pishl, Tolar

Here are the missionaries teaching one of the guards at the compound where we live.  Abraham asked Elder Berrett a few weeks ago if he had anything he could read about our church.  He gave him some pamphlets and contacted the missionaries to meet with him.  They've been teaching him and his wife, Princess, for several weeks now.  
L to R - Elder Guymon, a branch missionary, Elder Bosomtwe

 Elder Berrett is doing some training in the yard of the New Kru Town Chapel with Brother Geeplay, the branch clerk, and the branch president, President Doe.

This is Sister Weah, the branch Relief Society President, and me, in the Relief Society room of the New Kru Town chapel.  We were doing some Visiting Teaching training.

When we were home in January, we met a great young man named Alex Vandi from Liberia who is now living in Utah.  He told us about his sister, Margaret, who lives in Paynesville and gave us her phone number.  We were finally able to meet with her this last week.  We gave her some pictures of her brother and had a nice visit.  She wasn't interested in hearing about the church, but we were able to tell her a little bit about it.

The Monrovia Liberia missionaries are working hard to bring the gospel to many.  We love being able to serve with them.


  1. Love the pictures. Thank you!! :-)

  2. Another amazing post Mom. These pictures make me so happy. I love seeing the missionaries doing what they do best. You and Dad are amazing and you both look so great. I am so glad you were able to meet Alex's sister, he will be so happy to hear about that. I love you and I am so proud of you and all you are doing in Liberia.

  3. This is so neat!! I'm so glad Lara posted this. You two missionaries are so awesome!! Prayers and loves to you from the Brian Alexander family!!