Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Beautiful Liberia!

We wanted to share some of the pictures we've taken here in Liberia.  There really are some beautiful things to see here.

This is the view from the balcony of the Mission Office.  You know how I LOVE the ocean, so I especially enjoy this view.

This road is found as we travel to Duala.  Because it is paved, it feels like real neighborhood.

The view from the Mission Home veranda.

We missed not having a garden last year, so we thought this Branch garden project was beautiful.  They grew cabbages that they were able to eat and still have enough to sell.

This is our view as we looked back at the fishing village where we got on a boat to travel to Monkey Island at Marshall.

Look at the interesting way the branches of this palm tree grow.

A view of Broad Street from the top of the Ducor Hotel.  Broad street is the main street in downtown Monrovia.  It has planters down the middle that have iron fences, trees, grass, and benches.  The Ducor Hotel is on the highest point in Monrovia.  It was closed just before the start of the war and has pretty much been destroyed between the war and looting. 

Took this picture as we crossed the bridge from Bushrod Island back into Monrovia.  I loved the reflection of the sun in the water.

Up close look at the boats in a fishing village in Banjor.

Notice the American flag on this fishing boat.  

From the top floor of Hotel Africa.  This hotel was also destroyed during the war.  Look closely and you can see what's left of the swimming pool.

The Liberia YSA Summit will held this July at Rick's Institute in Brewerville.  The school has 500 acres and raises some of their own meat to help feed their students.  I loved the picture of the cows among the palm trees.

It was hard to know when to stop sharing pictures.  We've seen some beautiful places as we've traveled around.  


  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the pictures you shared, Liberia looks like it has some beautiful places. I love you guys.

  3. Seeing all these pictures and reading about your experiences makes me want to serve a mission there! Your blog makes me feel a special place in my heart for the people there, thank you for sharing!

  4. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I love photography! You captured some wonderful scenes.

  5. You can never share too many photos. :) There are some beautiful places there. I think that's true anyway you go, even if you have to sometimes look a little harder to find them. I'm so glad you are near the ocean. That's a little gift to you from Heavenly Father