Monday, April 21, 2014

"I can see it!"

This last Tuesday, we received the final box of reading glasses from our Butler 10th ward.  It was about a month's time between the arrival of the first box and the last - even though they were all mailed on the same day.  It really was just like Christmas for us to get these boxes.  We had the best time opening them up, sorting them by strength, and handing them out.

Here are just a few of the people who have received glasses -

This is Francis Wreh.  He is the reason we suggested sending reading glasses.  We noticed when he came to our Eternal Marriage Class that he would hold a piece of a broken magnifying glass and try and read through it.

He would move the glass up and down, trying to get it just right, so he could see.  You wouldn't believe how happy he was to have 'real' glasses to wear.

 Sister Howard tried on several pair before deciding that these were the one.  After class, she carefully folded up her glasses and put them back in the plastic sleeve they came in before putting them in her purse.

This is Richard Desmond.  He is very shy and quiet so it took real courage for him to ask for a pair of glasses.  Look carefully and you can see he chose the glasses that have small reading lights built into the temples.

Selena Joloka first tried on a turquoise pair of glasses to match her shirt, but these are the ones that worked best for her.  When she put her glasses on and looked down at her Book of Mormon, she said, "I can see it!"  She was so happy.

This is Selena's sister, Theresa.  During the war in Liberia they went to live in Ghana in a refugee camp.  They just recently returned.  They are delightful women!!  

These are just a few of the people who've been helped - so far.  Thanks again to all those who helped with this project.  You really have blessed the lives of many here in Liberia.


  1. I am so grateful that the glasses arrived. What a blessing for those sweet people to be able to see what they are reading, I am so happy for them.

  2. Reading this post reminds me of all the things I take for granted! What a blessing it is to be able to see! So happy for these wonderful people!