Sunday, August 17, 2014

Since we've been in Ghana…..

….We've been to dinner at the Movenpick Hotel - the nicest hotel in Accra - with President and Sister Kirkham and all the Senior Couples from Liberia, before everyone left for their new assignments.

…We've visited a light house in James Town

…And climbed the 97 stairs to get to the top

The view from the top of the light house.

...We've been to several markets.  Was excited to see what they had at the American Grocery Store.  Turned out it was about as big as a closet but everything in it WAS American.

…Had a fun trip to TK Beads.

The beads are actually made right there from recycled glass bottles and car windshields.  The process is fascinating.  So many beautiful beads.  I wanted some of each!

Elder Berrett and Elder Wilde enjoying the bead shopping!

…We were able to be a part of the All Africa Service Project day.  We helped the Dodowa Branch clean up the inside and outside of a building that will be used for a new police station.  
Great turn out - hard workers.

Elder Berrett helped with this rake made from rebar.

While at the service project, these boys came running by with this toy they had made.  We stopped them so we could have a closer look.

Pretty clever - a stick, some nails, and a couple of old wheels.

...We've visited several craft malls and made a few purchases.

…We've eaten the best hamburger we've had since coming to Africa.  Tasted just like at home and with french fries, too!!
L to R - Elder and Sister Watson, Elder and Sister Kirkham (not the mission president Kirkhams) Elder and Sister Berrett, Sister and Elder Wilde

…We've had dinner with President and Sister Curtis.

…We've been able to attend the temple - several times.  Something that was on our wish list, but didn't think we'd be able to do.

Since we've been in Ghana….we've been so well taken care of by Elder and Sister Wilde who are in our Stake back home.  A BIG thank you to them.

We still miss Liberia and all our friends there, but are having a great experience here in Ghana.  We are  staying in a small apartment on the temple grounds while our Mission President hunts for housing for us in the Kpong area of Ghana.  Once they find us a place to live, we'll move there and help the branches and missionaries in that area.

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  1. Our missionary, Elder Alex Johnson, is in the Ghana Accra mission. We are so glad you have joined our mission and are safe! Our son was just transferred on Wednesday so we're not sure where he is as of yet. Welcome to Ghana!