Friday, August 29, 2014

Still in Accra…For now

We have been assigned to the Kpong (the K is silent) area of Ghana.  Until they are able to find us housing, we are staying in an apartment on the Temple grounds in Accra.  Kpong is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Accra or 80.5 kilometers.  We've made that drive several times already.

On our way to Pkong we drive by the Shai Hills Reserve.  If it's early enough in the morning, we can see baboons on the side of the road.  Later on in the day, it's too warm for them to be out.

Just before we get to Kpong is the Cedi Beads Annex.  More beads for me to look at!

Cedi is also the name of the currency here in Ghana.  We cannot use American dollars like we did in Liberia.  Also, they have coins here which Liberia did not.  
Each American dollar is worth about 3.3 Cedis.

Downtown Kpong!  
Every time we've been to Kpong there are goats walking down the middle of the street.  We've learned that there are no grocery stores here.  We'll be able to buy our fruits and vegetables from roadside stands, but will have to do our grocery shopping in Accra.
We decided that we're not big city missionaries.  We like being 'in the bush' so, you can just call us 'bushinaries'!!

This is the chapel in Kpong

This week meetings were held in Kpong as part of our Mission Tour with Elder Dube.  The missionaries lined the walkway leading into the chapel to welcome Elder and Sister Dube. 

Elder and Sister Dube greeting the missionaries.
Elder Dube is Second Counselor in the West Africa Area Presidency.

Earlier in the week, while our husbands were busy, Sister Dever and I went with a group of Senior missionaries for a boat ride on the Volta River.  It was a perfect day for a boat ride...

…with beautiful scenery.

On shore, the ground was covered with shells embedded in the dirt.

As part of our trip, we visited a village and school.  
For a small fee, homes in the village get a battery, 2 light bulbs, 1 light socket, and a plug - to charge their cell phones!  Once their batteries run out of power, they simply trade for a new battery at this charging station.

Electrical power for the school is made when the children play on the merry-go-round or...

...swing on the swing.  
(See the yellow box on top of the swing.  There's an electrical wire that runs from the swing to the school building.)   They also have solar panels on the roof of the school.

We walked through the village,

and at the end of our walk were given fresh coconuts to drink.  My first!

It has been fun for us to be able to see some of the Liberia Missionaries that are serving with us in the Ghana Accra Mission.

Elder Orton

Elder Jensen and Elder Zaugg

Elders Cottrell, Anderson, and Abbott

They are all working hard and adjusting to their new areas.  We love these great young men.

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  1. Life in Ghana looks good on you!!! Glad you are happy and well! Love you sooooo much!!