Sunday, September 7, 2014

On the way to Kpong...

We're still in Accra waiting for the apartment that's been found for us in Akosomo to be renovated. Once that is done, we will be able to move closer to our assigned area which will include the cities of Kpong, Odumase, Akuse, and Senchi.

Here are some pictures of what we see as we make the 80.5 kilometer drive from Accra to our area.

This sign makes us laugh every time we drive by it.  What do you think it means?  Maybe this is our last chance to get diabetes?  No more diabetes is available on the way to Kpong?  Should we call?  We have decided not stop and find out.  We just take our chance and drive on by…. 

We pass this rock formation on the way.  Elder Berrett, being an Idaho boy, thinks it looks like 2 potatoes standing on end.  So, he's named it 'Two Spud Rock'.  What do you think?

You can stop right on the side of the road and order a casket.  Talk about convenient!

We've made several stops at the Cedi Bead Annex.  We enjoy visiting with Sammuel who works there.  When we talk to him about the Church, he just laughs - so we are not sure if he is a member or not.  We were told he likes to read the Liahona. When we stopped to give him one, he walked out of the store holding a 2005 copy that he had read over and over.  It was in pretty bad shape.  He was so happy to have a brand new magazine to read.

I'm fascinated by these little bundles of sticks that you can see stacked on the side of the road or being taken somewhere in the back of trucks.  No one can tell me what they are used for.  I love how they are so neatly bundled.  It makes me think of the sticks the little pig used to build his house with in the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.  So far though I've only seen sticks, no pigs!

We attended the Kpong District Meeting this week with the Kpong and Senchi Elders.  
L to R - Elders Southwick, Nondala, Green, Mabizela, Kay, Ezieme.

Also in attendance….. we listened to him make 'rooster sounds' all during our meeting.

After the District Meeting, Elders Ezieme and Southwick- the Kpong Zone Leaders - went on a ride with us to show us where the missionary apartments are located.  Because they were so helpful, we took them to lunch.  Their choice was a Chop Shop where they serve fried rice and chicken.
It is hard for us to believe that we left Liberia one month ago - August 5.  We've talked to a couple of the members there.  They tell us things are hard - that they are 'trying to try'.  Just this week, the Church was able to provide rice, oil, Ebola buckets, and bleach for the members.  That will be such a help to them.  
We hope you will please continue to pray for the people of Liberia.

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  1. It always makes my day to see a post from you Mom! I love seeing what your life is like in Ghana! I'm loving that diabetes sign, please call we've got to find out what that means!! Take care and keep working hard, you 2 are amazing!!!