Monday, September 22, 2014

Farewell to Kpong...

This week we went one last time to Kpong to make deliveries to our Elders there.  It was hard to think that we will no longer be serving in this area.  We had already grown to love it, the members, and 'our' missionaries.

One last time with our Senchi Elders.
L to R - Elders Bautner, Green, Tukuafu, Kay

AND the Kpong District Zone Leaders -
Elders Ezieme and Southwick

We will miss the mango groves.  Wouldn't I love to have one of these trees in my yard!

We will miss driving over the one-way bridge on the way from Asutsuare to Akuse.  The missionaries say the bridge is 'sketchy', but we didn't mind it at all.  

We will miss the mud huts and thatched roofs.

We will miss the lovely Volta River and its beautiful views.

We will miss all the shops with their fun names.  This is the 'Choose The Right' shop owned by the Kpong District Relief Society President - Sister Adjei.  I didn't even get a chance to shop there!!

And we will miss Samuel at Cedi Beads.  He was so sad to hear we would not be stopping by his shop any more.  We gave him one more Liahona and invited him to church - again.  He told us that by the end of the year he hopes to not be working on Sundays and start attending church in Kpong.  Such a sweet man.

We will miss the beautiful Senchi Hotel.  It's like being in a different world when you stop and visit there - which we have done many times.  We visit the gift shop, walk around the pool, and walk down to the Volta River that runs along side.  

At the hotel is this VERY large and beautiful tree.  

Here we are standing in the trunk of that tree.  You can kind of get an idea how big it really is.

The Senchi Hotel is known for it's wonderful buffets. We decided we'd better stop and see for ourselves.  We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary with the lunch buffet.  We were told to order a drink called the 'Exotic Bongo'.  It was a fabulous drink made with all kinds of fresh fruits.  

  Forty-five years ago who would have thought we'd be celebrating our anniversary in Africa!!
 who would have thought we'd be assigned to yet another mission.  

We realize how quickly time is going by.  Only 6 more Fast Sundays!  Not much time to be in our new area.  Lots of work and so little time.

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  1. Only 6 more fast Sundays?! We can totally do that!! So glad you got to celebrate your anniversary doing something fun! Can't wait to hear about your new area!