Sunday, October 5, 2014

And now we are in …...

Our new apartment is in Adoagyiri.
Wish I could tell you the correct way to pronounce this.  It sounds to us like Ad-o-wa-jury.  
We will continue to be Member Leader Support Missionaries for the Adoagyiri and Nsawam Branches  
- that's pronounced N-sa-wam.

This is what you'll see as you get close to Adoagyiri.  It's my favorite part of the ride from Accra. It's not quite considered 'bush' but just very rural.  
There are no grocery stores so we will continue to do our grocery shopping in Accra. 

At least we know that in 45 minutes we can be in Accra and get a bucket of KFC! 

This is our compound.  
Our apartment is inside the same compound as the church.  Don't you love the coral and purple paint.

A couple of our neighbors taking advantage of the shade under our truck.  There are lots of goats in Ghana.  We see them everywhere.  We even see people walking their goats on a leash like a dog.

Elder Berrett unlocking the gate.  

There are 6 little buildings inside the compound.  All very close together.

This is our apartment.  Elder Sharp and Elder Barnes live next door.  
(I'll get their picture for next time.)

You know, I've always wanted a front porch - just had to come to Ghana to get one!

This Ben Botwe who is in charge of maintaining the missionary apartments.  He's giving Elder Berrett a lesson on how to run the generator, just in case the power goes off - which we hear is quite often.   

Here's our living room…..

….with its cute little dining room table.

Try not to be jealous - but the apartment comes with this lovely rug in the living room.
(Sorry, I don't know how to turn the picture around.)  
I'm thinking it needs to go, but Elder Berrett likes it.  Go figure!

The kitchen….
To show you how close the buildings are - when I open the kitchen curtains, I am looking into the chapel!

The bathroom……
The sink's in the hall with the shower and toilet in their own little rooms.

The laundry room…..
My favorite room.  Not only because it has two big windows and is so sunny but I have a washer. No drier, but I've got a nice drying rack.

And, a room that has a closet and chest of drawers.

It's a nice little apartment and I think we will be very happy there for the next 6 months as we begin working with the branches and the members.

Not far from our apartment is the Blue Sky Juice Bar where you can buy a bottle of delicious fresh pineapple juice (my personal favorite), lemonade with ginger, or a mango-orange-banana smoothie.  
I think we've stopped there almost every time we've driven by.

It's a nice place to stop for something cold to drink.  It really is fresh with no preservatives. The expiration date is 6 days after it is bottled.  Don't try drinking it after it's expired!  :(


This is Bernice in front of her shop.  She has purses, placemats, skirts, shirts, and other fun things that she has sewn.  I had her make me an African outfit.

  When I went to try it on, she wanted to show me how to do a head wrap.  
Somehow the effect isn't quite the same as when an African Sister wears it.  

We have loved the two months we were able to live right next door to the Accra Temple.  
When we were in Liberia, we never dreamed we'd be able to attend the Temple in Ghana so this has been a special time for us.

One of the beautiful windows in the Temple.

Every session we've attended has been full and most have been in French so that we have to wear headphones to listen to the English translation.  It's been a wonderful experience for us to be able to go to the Temple while on our mission.

Now it's time for the next part of our mission adventure….Here we come Adoagyiri!!



  1. I love the wolf rug and your African outfit.

  2. I love all these pictures!! You look great in your African attire! Your new place looks nice. I'm glad you are right by the chapel and other missionaries. They are lucky to have you! I know there's a reason you are there. ❤️ Love you so much!