Sunday, October 26, 2014

And this week ...

Tuesday we woke up to no water.  Our poly tank was empty.  That's not good!  So a quick call was made to have water delivered.

Our 500 gallon poly tank supplies water for our apartment, the Elders next door, and the Branch buildings in our compound.

After filling the tank, there was a little water left in the truck, so we gathered all our buckets to fill.

This week we met with the Adoagyiri missionaries for their District Meeting.  We had a box of Books of Mormon for Elder Leakehe.   He found that it's harder than it looks to balance things on your head.  
Once he took his hands off the box, we had to take the picture quickly - the box didn't stay on his head for very long. 

His companion, Elder Bassey was so good at balancing the box. that we wanted him to see if he could ride his bike at the same time.  He wasn't quite able to ride and balance - yet!

A fun trip to the Plastic Store. 
 Look at all this stuff.  I was in heaven.  So much to look at.  I wanted everything.

I needed colored paper for my new calling in the Adoagyiri Primary Presidency.  So into Accra we went and with the help of some other Senior Sisters I was able to find what I needed at this very little stationery store.  I'm not sure from the picture that you can tell how really little it was.  But, it was so organized.  Whatever we asked for, the shop owner knew right where to find it.  You can't just go to any old store and get these things.  I was glad someone knew right where to take me to get what I needed.

This Sunday, I taught the 4 - 7 year olds.  I was able to teach them to do the 'I Love You' sign. Then they taught me how to say 'I Love You' in Twi - May doe.  (That's spelling it phonetically since no one could tell me how it should be spelled.)  I 'think' the class understood most of what I said.  You never know because most of them speak Twi.  When class was finished and it was time to go into Sharing Time, the kids all just put their chairs on their head and packed them into the Primary Room.  

The Adoagyiri Branch Primary.

You can see what I needed the colored paper for if you look closely at the picture one of the boys from my class is holding.  We made our own Temple pictures complete with an Angel Moroni on top. 

Sister Victoria Yempew, the Adoagyiri Primary President

Three of the Sisters from the Adoagyiri Branch.
L to R - Sister Charlotte Quansah who teaches the Literacy Class and is the Young Women's President.  Her husband is the Branch President.
Evelyn, the newest member of the branch who was just baptized last Wednesday, and Vera who always has a smile on her face.

L to R - Elder and Sister Berrett, Elder and Sister Watson, Elder and Sister Wall, Sister Terry - Elder Terry was in helping the Branch Clerk with computer problems.

This Sunday was Missionary Sunday in our Branch.  Elder and Sister Wall came and spoke in Sacrament Meeting about being member missionaries and teaching your families at FHE.  Elder and Sister Watson taught the combined Relief Society and Priesthood about Family History and helped them fill out their own pedigree sheets.  Sister Terry is helping with Literacy and attended the Literacy class.  Elder Terry is the West Africa computer specialist and once the power came on, was able to help with some computer problems the branch is having.

We were able to have everyone stay for lunch with us.  It was so fun to have visitors!

This is our bed.  Notice, it is two twin beds pushed together with a big foam pad on top.  It's huge!  The sheets barely fit.  We had brought a memory foam mattress pad with us when we came on our mission, but had to leave it in Liberia.  We were sad about that, but this bed is actually pretty comfortable.  You can also see our mosquito net that we sleep under every night. 

We still can't get over how beautiful the drive is as we come into Adoagyiri.  We love being in the 'bush' and away from all the hustle and bustle of the big city.


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  2. I love you Mom & Dad and I am so proud of you and all you have experienced during your mission. I was so happy to see you had friends to go shopping with :) That plastics store looked amazing. Love and miss you.

  3. You know how I feel about plastic containers Mom....must have got that from you!! So glad you were able to get water, who knew it was delivered by truck! Those lucky kids in Primary you are so talented and creative I bet they just love you!

  4. Look at all that plastic! Wish I were there to go on a little shopping spree with you! MAY DOE. ❤️So proud of you!

  5. And one more thing ... you are so perfect in primary. I'm sure the children love you! The temple pictures, complete with Captain Moroni, are incredible!