Sunday, October 19, 2014

Elder Berrett earns his PHD….

On Saturday we were able to take Elder and Sister Wall, the office couple for the Ghana Accra West Mission, for a ride to our 'former' area in Kpong.  They leave to go home on November 25th and have been working so hard in the office that they have not had much time to see things around Ghana.  So, we volunteered to take them to one of our favorite areas - Kpong and the Volta River -  so they could see the beautiful scenery there.

Elder Berrett did all the driving that day, over some really bad roads, 
thus earning himself a PHD.  He is now officially a Pot Hole Dodger!

You can't go to Kpong without stopping by the beautiful Royal Senchi Hotel.  While there we decided to take a boat ride down the Volta River.

The weather was perfect - not too hot.  And it was so relaxing to float down the river.

All along the river were children bathing and mothers doing their laundry.

Our boat ride took us to this beautiful bridge that crosses the Volta River at Senchi to be able to travel to Ho.  Too bad it is being renovated and won't be ready for at least 2 more years.  It would save so much time to simply be able to drive over the river instead of waiting in line to take the ferry or having to take the 90 minute drive all the way around - on not so great roads.

Here is the ferry you can ride across the river while in sitting in your car.  Some times the line to ride the ferry can be hours long.

Some of the beautiful scenery along the river.  

This beautiful house, with it's own boat launch,  was located right on the river's edge.

We also saw many 'Fish Farms' where they raise Tilapia.

The boat ride was perfect and got us back just in time for the wonderful lunch buffet at the Royal Senchi Hotel.  It was a fun day.  We really have seen some beautiful places here in Ghana.  We hope Elder and Sister Wall enjoyed the day as much as we did.


On Friday, a beautiful new stove was delivered to our apartment.  I am so happy to have burners AND an oven that work.  You'll notice the lovely board that helps to hold us our sink.  :)

So….how many Elders does it take to put a stove together?  
I guess it's three!!

The electricity here in Adoagyiri is spotty - very spotty.  We never know when OR IF we are going to have power.  When the power's off, we have to start up the handy, dandy little generator.  When the generator's on, we have to decide - do we want lights or water?  Should we turn the air conditioner on and sit in the dark?  Should we unplug the fridge and make a piece of toast?  So many important decisions!!


  1. Congrats on your PhD! :D Really LOVE your posts!!!

  2. You guys are amazing. Love reading about your adventures. Love you both dearly. Love, your favorite niece...KRISITN! :) XOXO

  3. We sure do love following your blog and hearing about your memorable adventures. Thanks for sharing! xoxox

  4. Wow! A PHD! Congrats, Pops! I'm not a bit surprised though. You always were an excellent driver. �� Love you guys so much!