Sunday, November 2, 2014

Transfers and Stuff.

Transfer Day Muffins

This Wednesday we helped with transfers.  
We were able to help move our neighbor - Elder Sharp - up to Asamankese (See if you can pronounce that!  It sounds kind of like - As a man can see.)  It's about a hour away from us on not so great roads.
L to R - Elders Hoskins, Legg, Chatterley, Fairwell, Tolar, Sharp

I can't tell you how many banana muffins I've made since coming on a mission.  It's kind of 'my thing' to do.  I like making them and the missionaries seem to like eating them.

Transfers meant we got a new neighbor - Elder Snyder
L to R - Elders Barnes and Snyder

I love seeing our missionaries walking down the road. That always makes for a great picture. 
As part of transfers, Elder Bianucci spent the day with the Zone Leaders till we brought him a branch missionary to be his new companion.
L to R - Elders Bigler, Draniikamate, Bianucci

On Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, our Branch holds a 'Literacy Class'.  
Gabriel comes about an hour early and Elder Berrett will read with him till the rest of the class comes.  Gabriel is 75 years old and had served in the army for 28 years.  When he started the class in July, he couldn't speak English.  Now, he speaks it AND reads it!!  He told Elder Berrett, "I just want to learn!"

Apple Ventures is the store of our Branch Clerk, Nana Akomea Welbeck.  It's like a little hardware store.  We stopped by to ask him where we could get pencils for the Literacy Class.  He said, "Come!" and jumped in our truck and took us to a small stationery shop that is right in front of his home.

Here we are at the stationery store buying pencils and a pencil sharpener for class.  
When the shop owner, Kofi, saw we were going to take a picture of him, he went and put a nice shirt on.

Elder Berrett was able to give Kofi a Joseph Smith pamphlet and Book of Mormon.  He agreed to have the missionaries come talk to him.   That's Nana watching.

This Sunday we were able to watch a DVD of the Sunday Morning Session of October General Conference.  We felt very blessed to be able to watch AND that the power was on so we could!

Here's some of my Primary children (and a couple of missionaries) doing the 'I love you' sign.  
I think I have a picture like this from every Branch we've served in.  
I want them to know that I DO love them and so does their Heavenly Father.  
(The Hook Em Horns sign is close--right?)

Also new in Adoagyiri since transfers is Elder Ridenour on the right.  He is now companions with Elder Bassey.  We were able to deliver his package from home.  The post office had sealed it in plastic since it seemed to have sprung a leak.  

Darn electricity!!
We never know from minute to minute IF we will have power or not.  Just when we start thinking how great it is to have power, "Bam!" it goes off.  Elder Berrett is getting quite good at starting up the old generator.

This week a baptismal font was assembled at the Adoagyiri Branch.  We thought this was a cleverly designed way to have fonts in more of the branches.  It will be so nice to be able to do the baptism right in our own branch.  Hey, I can even stand in my front room and watch through the window!!

We realized that after today we only have 4 Fast Sundays left in Ghana.  Hard to believe!!

Butler West Stake represented in Ghana 
Elder and Sister Berrett, President and Sister Curtis, and Elder and Sister Wilde

On Friday night we were able to go into Accra and attend a temple sealing session with President Curtis as the sealer.  After the session, a fun Halloween dinner was held at the Curtis'.  There were about 12 couples in attendance.  It was fun for us to look around the room and realize that we now know all of them.  

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  1. Gabriel has a great teacher!

    We had those same baptismal fonts in Argentina.