Sunday, November 9, 2014

We're a Fan!

We learned that the city of Adoagyiri got it's name from the two men who founded it  -  
Mr. Ado and Mr. Agyiri

My new favorite treat here in Ghana is 'FanIce'.  I'm a big fan of the 'FanIce'!
It's sold from these little blue and white carts.  This is Percy, the FanIce guy who sells around our apartment. We can tell he's coming when we hear him toot his little horn.  I hear the horn and it gives me enough time to get my 1 Cedi and get out the gate to stop him before he goes by.

FanIce is like Ice Cream.  It comes in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  It's hard to believe, but I like vanilla the best!  You cut a little opening in the plastic and squeeze the ice cream into your mouth.  We even keep a pair of scissors in our truck to cut the bag just in case we should see a FanIce cart as we're driving around.

Last time we had water delivered, we were told that our poly tank was quite dirty.  We decided that the next time we needed water, we would first have the tank cleaned.  We had to make sure all the water was out of the tank before it could be cleaned.  Here's what the last bit of water looked like as we drained the tank.  YUCK!  Good thing we had the tank cleaned!

This is Joseph Eshun who cleans the tanks for the Mission.  He climbs right down into the tank through an opening that's only about 17 inches wide.  We were worried how he gets out once he gets in, but it wasn't a problem for him.

Here he is down in the tank scrubbing the walls.  Notice the dirty water.  Good thing we have a triple filtering system in our apartment to get us clean water.

Tah-Dah!  All clean.  
Doesn't that look nice.  We had no idea that our big black poly tank was white on the inside.  Learned something new!

This was on Thursday that we had the tank cleaned and 1,000 gallons of water deliver to fill it.  After being gone all day on Saturday, we returned home to see water pouring out of one of the bathrooms at the church.  Like 800 gallons of water!!  Some work had been done in the bathroom but something was not tightened up properly.  Looks like tomorrow means another water delivery.

Tuesday was the Adoagyiri missionaries District Meeting.  After conducting a great meeting, Elder Ridenour passed out mustaches his mom had sent for Halloween.  
Don't we make a nice looking District or Barbershop Quartet plus 4?
Back Row - L to R - Elders Bassey, Uwadi, Snyder, Aikins, Ridenour, Sister and Elder Berrett
Kneeling in front - Elder Barnes

Elder Bassey is still trying to meet Elder Berrett's challenge to ride his bike with a box of Books of Mormon on his head.  Almost did it.
Notice the cute missionaries watching him.  

Apartment inspections this week.  Elder Uwadi gets the award for the nicest looking bed.  I love how he did his net and even has his fan inside it. 

Boy, did we have a rain storm this week!  Look at the water running off the roof...

...and down the stairs.  
I usually LOVE the rain, but not so much here.  Every time it rains, the power goes out.  

This is our wonderful Branch President, President Joseph Quansah and Elder Berrett.
President Quansah is only 27 years old, but a great leader for this little Branch.  We love being able to serve with him.


  1. Maybe Chad Riches was right about Africa having really delicious ice cream.
    Dad looks like he did 20 years ago with his mustache.

  2. Chad asked me IF I liked really good ice cream. When I said 'yes' he said, " the don't have it there!" He was wrong. :)

  3. Loved the pictures with the funny!! Glad you're getting spoiled with good ice cream and clean water....what more could you ask for?!