Monday, November 17, 2014

So, this week we…...

We went to the Tantra Hills Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday. 
What a great looking Zone!!
Sitting in the front is Elder Draniikamte who will leave for home on November 26th.  

I made the missionaries smile when I made a pan of brownies for Zone Meeting. 
I was finally able to find what I needed to make brownies.  The missionaries seemed pleased!  Here's the Zone Leaders, Elder Bigler and Elder Draniikamte,  showing how happy they were.  (There is a chance that Elder Bigler and I could be related through Jacob G. Bigler)

Elder Jones promised me he would buy some new shoes right after Zone meeting.
Think he needs them?

As we left the Zone Meeting we saw this man packing an 80 pound bag of cement on his head.  
That makes my neck hurt just thinking about it!!

Our Branch had a Temple Trip on Saturday.  Here are some of the Branch members getting their names ready to take to the Temple.  Of course the power was out, so they had to sit outside and use a solar lamp for light while they filled out their pedigree charts.  Such faithful Saints.

Brother Vincent Gadah and his wife Gladys rode with us to the Temple.  They were able to do baptisms for the dead.

Brother Gadah is totally blind.  It is so sweet to watch how Gladys takes such good care of him.

On Sunday I did my first Sharing Time in the Branch.  I had a great time!  We talked about communicating with our Heavenly Father through prayer.  Then we talked about the 4 steps of prayer.  When we came to the step where we 'Thank' Heavenly Father for all he has given us, I asked the children what kinds of things  could you thank Him for.  Their answers were interesting - "For protecting us" - "For giving us another year of life".

After church, we invited the 6 Adoagyiri missionaries over for sandwiches.  The African missionaries had never had a sandwich before but all said they liked them.  We also had Elder and Sister Watson - Family History Missionaries, and Nana Akomea Welbeck - our Branch Clerk (This was his first sandwich, too).  

This coming Wednesday will be the first baptism in the new font at the Branch.  
Here are Elders Barnes and Snyder cleaning it out.  And, President Quansah and Elder Berrett and I supervising.

Was a bad week for 'lights out'.  Elder Barnes and Elder Snyder don't let that stop them.  
Here they are studying by candlelight.  Such good missionaries!!

We park our truck inside the compound at night.  It's a tight fit.

Today, we measured to see just how much room we have on each side - just over 4 inches from the side mirrors to the wall.

Elder Berrett does a great job backing in - BUT then he has me giving him directions!!
It's even more challenging in the dark!!

At night - when there's power - we can hear the music from the 'club' across the street.  It actually sounds like they are right outside our bedroom window they are so loud.  But what a great place ---  
you, yourself, can be happy and purchase 'tyres' at the same spot.  

So, this week we….had another great week!!

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