Sunday, November 30, 2014

We spent last week in Accra

Monday night was a farewell dinner for those missionaries going home from the Accra West Mission.
President and Sister Hill planned a nice meal and program.  The missionaries going home receive a scarf made with the Ghanian colors (red, gold, and green) and their name and date of service on it.

Tuesday morning the Senior Missionaries attended a temple session with those missionaries that were returning home this week.
L to R - Elder and Sister Keele (our new office couple), Elder and Sister Berrett, Elder and Sister Latham, Elder and Sister Wall (our office couple who left for home that night), Sister and Elder Dalton, Sister and President Hill

The Accra temple is beautiful - inside and out.  
The stained glass windows are designed to represent the Kente cloth that is made locally.

While in Accra, we stayed in the Ancillary building that is right next to the temple.  Our room had three bunk beds.  The Ancillary building is a big help to those who travel far to go to the temple.  It's a nice, inexpensive place for them to stay while they attend the temple.  

Tuesday night 14 new missionaries came from the Ghana MTC to start serving in the Accra West Mission.
12 Elders and 2 Sisters.

Wednesday was transfer day.  That meant we got a new neighbor.
Elder Barnes was transferred and Elder Cartwright took his place.  Elder Cartwright is one of the brand new missionaries.  He is from Castle Rock, Colorado.
L to R - Elder Cartwright and his Trainer, Elder Snyder

Thursday was Thanksgiving.  
Dinner was held for about 60 Senior Missionaries at the Accra West Mission Home.  Everything tasted so good.  We even had turkey!!

At Thanksgiving dinner we met Elder and Sister Sanders.  They were originally assigned to come to Liberia, but when the missionaries were pulled out, they were re-assigned to the Accra Mission.  Sister Sanders will help with mission medical and Elder Sanders will be President Heid's special assistant.

We returned home on Friday.  Nicholas was glad to see our truck in the driveway.  He came in and asked Elder Berrett to help him with his homework.

Saturday was the Tessano Stake Primary Activity.
L to R - Sister Hodeti (Stake Primary Secretary), Sister Odenkey (Stake Primary President)

All the leaders who came to the meeting.
These are devoted women.  In order to get their primary children to the activity, they have the children meet them at their ward/branch building.  They arrange and pay for a tro-tro (like a mini van) to pick everyone up and drive them to the Stake Center.  Our branch had to travel about 31km, one way.  After the activity, they gather all their children together and wait for the tro-tro to return and take them back home. 

Here are all the Primary children and their leaders who attended the activity.  They had such a great time.  Wish you could have heard the beautiful closing prayer that was given my one of these young boys.  We believe it was like listening to an angel pray.

To end the activity, they played music and the children danced.  Even Sister Yempew, the Adoagyiri Primary President danced.  She was pretty good!

We got excited when we saw this street sign in Accra.  It reminded us how much we love and miss Liberia.  We have talked to some of our friends there.  They say that things are getting better and Ebola is declining.  We pray that things will continue to improve for them.  Part of our heart is still there in Liberia.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving that included turkey. I'm thankful for you guys!