Sunday, December 7, 2014

Can you believe it's December!

Well, the tree is up!
This is the closest we'll get to having a Christmas tree.  It's a smaller version of the one I made last Christmas in Liberia.

I've bought a few Christmas ornaments.  These are made from corn husks and wire.

Put one of our nativities out.
We've got several, all different.  We didn't have a place to put the nativity so stopped at a little roadside business to buy a small table.  The best part of buying the table was we got a referral for the missionaries from the shop owner.

Here's our Christmas stockings that we bought from Bernice's shop in Accra.  
We're all set now for Christmas.  Think Santa will be able to find us?

Tuesday was Adoagyiri's District Meeting and their turn for root beer floats.  They all seemed pretty happy to get their own can of A&W root beer.  It was fun to be able to do this for them.
L to R - Elders Uwadi, Cartwright, Kamisese, Snyder

Our next door Elders have no curtains on their windows.  Living in the church compound means they have no privacy.  So I decided to make them some curtains for their bedroom window.  Went to Nsawam outdoor market and bought the fabric.  This is one of those times I wish I had a sewing machine, but was able to do an OK job by hand. 

Friday went on a ride to Aburi with Elder and Sister Latham to visit the craft market and 'do' lunch at the Hilburi restaurant.  We all got Obama cheese burgers (don't you love the name!) with fries and a coke.  Tasted just like home.

The drive to Aburi is beautiful.  Aburi is on a mountain top.  It was so green and cooler there with a nice breeze.  There were a lot of beautiful, big homes.  We wouldn't mind being the Senior Couple assigned there!!

Elder Snyder and Elder Cartwright on their way to email home.  They never know when they get to the internet cafe if the power will be on and they'll be able to email or not.  It was a good day - power on!  In fact, it's been a great week for power.  (Hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that.)

In the compound there are several bird nests in the strangest places.  Here's one in some wires that were tied together and just hanging outside the Branch President's office.  

This is the nest on our porch.  There was just a small hole in the cement wall and the birds were able to build a nest in it.  Boy, do they make a mess on the porch!

Elder Berrett has named one of the birds Bob because whenever he 'talks' to it, the bird will turn to look at him and his tail will 'bob' up and down.  

Ghana has some of the most beautiful flowers.  This flower is right outside our apartment.  Every Sunday after church, the children pick all the flowers and by the next Sunday, the plant is covered again.

Another beautiful flower.  This one is outside the Mission Office.  
Most of the flowers we've found are beautiful, but have no smell to them. 

It's been hard to realize it's almost Christmas with it being so warm here.  Guess you'll just have to enjoy the snow and cool weather for us!


  1. Those birds making nests and a mess in Ghana are the same birds that make a mess on your cars in Utah. I sent them your way.

    1. i thought the same thing Craig. Thanks a lot!!!