Sunday, December 14, 2014

Well, it's almost Christmas!!!

This week, Elder Berrett and I were able to go with Elders Cartwright and Snyder to teach a lesson to Kristianna.  Here she is holding her little grandson.  Most teaching is done outside.  

Kristianna was busy making fu-fu when we arrived.  I asked her if I could help with the pounding of the fu-fu and she told me, 'No.' But, she would let me get my picture taken looking like I was doing the pounding. 

As one person pounds, the other person reaches in the 'bowl' and turns the mixture over.  I think maybe Kristianna was afraid I would pound her hand!

Fu-fu is made from cassava and plantain that is pounded and pounded with this long stick till it's a thick dough.  They eat balls of the dough with their hands, just swallowing it whole.  No chewing!

Next to Kristianna's home is a large rock.  Elders Berrett, Cartwright and Snyder climbed it to check out the view.

AND…..the view was beautiful.  You could see so far.  Notice the pinkish colored building on the right, that's where we live.

This is Ben Botwe, his wife Solace Pearl, and their new baby Gareth.  Ben is in charge of maintenance of the missionary apartments for the mission.

Isn't he cute!

Driving into Accra or from Accra back to Adoagyiri, we drive on the George W. Bush Highway.  Guess his administration must have donated some money for this road in Ghana.  It really is a nice highway…no potholes!  

This week was the Mission Christmas Conference.  Because the mission is so big - around 170 missionaries - they had to divide the missionary zones into three groups and hold 3 different conferences on three different days.  We watched the movie "Meet the Mormons"………

had a nice meal…..

and, entertainment.

Here are 'our' missionaries from Adoagyiri and Nsawam singing for us.  
L to R - Elders Snyder, Bowring, Kamisese, Ridenour, Cartwright, and Bass.
Not pictured is Elder Peterson who was playing the piano. 

Last year we sent Christmas greetings from Liberia never imagining that next Christmas we'd be doing it in Ghana.  What a wild few months we've had!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prayers for a wonderful New Year.

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  1. And just think, next Christmas you'll be back home with us!! You both look so great, we miss you!!