Sunday, December 21, 2014

T'was the week before Christmas...

The week started with a farewell dinner and temple session 
for three of our Elders who were returning home.
(L to R - Elder and Sister Keele (our office couple) Elders Hansen, Poland, Finaro, and us)

A mini transfer on Wednesday and …...

Wednesday night, our Branch 'Mid-Week' Activity.  
We met at the church to practice singing Christmas carols in preparation for the Christmas Eve Caroling the Branch will do at the round-about in Nsawam.  Two of our new Elders - just one month out - took charge of the activity.  Elder Cartwright led the singing and Elder Bengel played the keyboard.

Who knew?  
Our Branch President - President Quansah - can play the keyboard. A man of many talents!

We had a good turn out.  Wish you could have heard us sing.  We sound pretty good!

Thursday our apartment and compound was fumigated.  Hope it helps with the mosquitos.

Here's Elder Berrett getting ready to go lock our apartment door after it was sprayed.  

Then, because we had to stay out of our apartment for 3 hours, we drove into Nsawam to pick up the drinks for our 'Movie Night' on Friday.  While downtown, we saw Kate from our branch.  She sells women and children's clothing.  I was fascinated by the large bag she was able to balance on her head while carrying the little girls' dresses that were for sale.

Elder Berrett was able to teach with the Elders this week.  First, a stop to teach Darius who is deaf.  Darius is Elders Beacom and Peterson's investigator but because Elder Ridenour knows sign language, he and his companion Elder Bengel came along to help. Look closely and you can see Elder Ridenour signing.
(L to R - Elders Bengel, Beacom, Ridenour, Peterson)

Then, Elders Bengel, Berrett, and Beacom taught Celestina, an investigator.  
What a beautiful setting! 

Nana, our Branch Clerk, brought us more pineapples this week.  They were huge AND sooooo good.  Notice the pineapple in the front on the right.  It has two tops.  Never seen that before.  One of the ward members told me you can break the top of a pineapple off, stick it in the ground, and it will grow.  I think I'll give it a try.  I'll let you know if it grows.

Our 'Movie Night' on Friday was a big success.  We had about 75 ward members and investigators who watched the movie "The Nativity".  A nice movie to watch just before Christmas.

Saturday was an important day in the Adoagyiri Branch.  The first baptism in our new outdoor, plastic font took place.  Sandra Aryeetey was baptized by Elder Ridenour.

The font was filled with water that morning.  However, the font has a leak.  Between the rain and the leak, we were worried that the baptism would not take place.  But, everything worked out great.   

Sunday, we were short one teacher in Primary, so I got to teach the CTR class of 4-7 year olds.  
Then I was able to do a special Sharing Time.  Our daughter Kari's Primary in Herriman, Utah had sent a package to our Adoagyiri Primary.  In the package were crayons, stickers, Article of Faith cards, pictures of their Primary, and notes from the children to ours.

So I wrapped everything up to surprise the children.  They were so excited.  It was fun to unwrap the package and show them what was inside.

Charity and Charlotte received the cards from my little granddaughters Kate and Claire.

Took a picture to send back to the Herriman 4th Ward Primary to thank them for their wonderful gift.  Notice the children are all doing the "I love you" sign.  

Here's some our Primary children using the new crayons to make Thank You cards to send with our picture.

It was a busy week that went by very quickly.  
We really are having a hard time realizing it will be Christmas next Thursday.  Maybe a little snow would help get us in the mood!


  1. Logan says the same thing about snow . . . maybe having a little would help put him in the Christmas mood! I'm feeling just fine about Christmas without snow. ;) I think about you all the time and LOVE reading your blog. Merry Christmas to you and Denney!

  2. What a wonderful and busy week!! I sure wish I could hear your branch caroling, I bet it's beautiful! I'm so excited to tell my Primary kids that you got they crayons, they are going to be so excited to see the picture!! Love you both and Merry Christmas!!