Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Crazy Mission...

Last week at our District Meeting, Elder Bryce showed us his coconut tree climbing ability.  He's 6' 10'.  We teased him that he didn't need to climb the tree, he could just reach up and grab the coconuts!

This week we were so happy to see Elder Tolar and Elder Bowring, 2 of 'our' Liberia missionaries.  Also, Sister Karngar, a missionary serving from the Logan Town Branch in Liberia.  It was like being reunited with our own children.  They are all working hard as they now serve in the Ghana Accra West Mission.

This week, we had to say goodbye to Elder and Sister Dever as they left for their new assignment in the Kumasi Mission.  They were our Humanitarian Missionaries in Liberia.  We've enjoyed spending time with them in Accra while we were both waiting to leave for our new areas.

This weekend, we were able to be there when Kpong and Ho were divided and the new Ho District was created.  Many changes were made including Elder Berrett being called as a counselor in the Kpong District Presidency.  Here he is with President Tyson, the Kpong District President.

The meeting in Ho was held at the Chances Hotel Auditorium.  
We were able to stay a couple of nights at the hotel.  While there, we were finally able to see some 'wild' animals.  

I think this is as close as we're going to get to seeing wild animals in Africa!

There were also several peacocks roaming the grounds of the hotel.

To get to Ho, you can either sit in your car and ride across the Volta River on a ferry or...

if the wait's too long for the ferry, drive across on the dam.  We've done both.

As we waited in line for the ferry, the cutest little boy came to our car selling 'Sugar Bread'.  We've heard it was good, so bought both loaves of the still warm bread he was selling for 6 Cedis - that makes the cost of each loaf less than $1.  When I asked him what the letters on top of the bread meant, 
he said, "That it's OK bread."  AND, it was!!

While in Ho, we just had to stop and take a picture of this termite hill.  It's the largest we've ever seen.  It was taller than a house.  

President and Sister Heid with the Ho area Elders who were at Sunday's District Meeting.  
Wish I knew them well enough to tell you all their names.  
There are about 176 missionaries in the Ghana Accra Mission.  

On our way back from Ho, we drove through Akuse - my favorite part of the drive.  Isn't it beautiful. 

NOW - for the cRaZy part -  
On Tuesday morning we received a call telling us that President Curtis, the West Africa Area President,
wanted to meet with us.  In that meeting, we were told that our assignment had been changed.  We were now being called to the Ghana Accra West Mission.  That this mission was in need of a Senior Couple.   So, the middle of next week we will be on our way to the Adoagyiri - Nsawam area of Ghana. That's about an hour outside of Accra and is considered 'in the bush'.  
Elder Berrett said, "That has to be a record for the shortest time spent serving in a District Presidency!"  Called on Sunday - released on Wednesday.

Originally we were called to the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission.  That was changed to the Liberia Monrovia Mission.  Then we were evacuated to the Ghana Accra Mission and finally, the Ghana Accra West Mission.  Think we can say we've now been on 4 missions?


  1. Never a dull moment with you 2!! Just when you think life is getting back to normal you get handed another surprise. Good thing you're so good at rolling with the punches! We love you and can't wait to hear about life in your new area!!

  2. Brother and Sister Berrett, We just heard from our son, Evan Sharp, that you will be moving in right next door! He said they have been working hard to prepare the apartment and we look forward to following your blog and seeing your pictures. He loves Nsawam so much and says he never wants to leave. Best wishes on your new adventure! - Jeanie Sharp