Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Big Thank You!

A 'BIG' Thank you to our wonderful Butler 10th Ward!!

We received the first of three boxes of reading glasses they sent to us.  You should have seen the condition of the box!  Luckily, it was still packed full with about 75 pairs of glasses.  I'm sure the other 2 boxes will arrive shortly.

Notice the red postal tape.  The one corner of the box is totally opened, BUT the box was still so full that I don't think anything escaped.

Here's one of the AP's, Elder Mohlahatsa, trying on a lovely purple pair.
After trying on several pairs, he was able to find the ones he really need.

The other AP's decided to join on in the fun.
Elders Finau, Mohlahatsa, Pentreath

We've already been able to give out several pairs.  I wish you all could be here when they try the glasses on, look at a page in a book, smile and say, "I can see it!"

Elder and Sister Ekufu will be starting a Gospel Literacy Class and the glasses will be a great help to those taking their class.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to help purchase the glasses.  And an extra THANKS to Brother Allan Allred and Sister Sharron Montoya for their efforts in putting this all together.
As the Liberians say, "We are ever so grateful." 

"How you comin' on?"

"How you com in' on?" is a greeting like, 'How are you doing?" 
 I love how it sounds when a Liberian says it.


I need to start this blog post out by saying "Good Bye!" to Elder and Sister Miles 1 and "Hello" to two new Senior Missionary Couples - Elder and Sister Dever from Washington State who are taking the Miles' place as Humanitarian missionaries  and Elder and Sister Ekufu from Nigeria who will be Member Leader Support missionaries like Elder Berrett and I.

We will sure miss the Miles'.  They are a fun couple who have worked so hard for the people of Liberia.  They've literally changed people's lives with the wells and latrines they've built and the schools and orphanages they've helped.  We wish them well as they return home to Hooper, Utah and their family.

Here we all are at the Mission Home after going out to eat Chinese food at the Yellow Flower Restaurant for the Miles' farewell dinner.  Wasn't bad Chinese food when you remember that you're in Liberia, Africa!
Back row - L to R - The Hezseltines, The Miles 2, The Devers, The Ekufus
Front row - L to R - The Berretts, The Miles 1, President and Sister Kirkham


This weekend was the Bushrod Island District Conference.  The chapel in Duala was packed.  It was very hot inside and those in the classrooms were not able to hear, BUT everyone reverently stayed for the whole meeting.

This is us with the Bushrod Island District President and his wife -
President and Sister Prince S. Nyanforh

Members leaving after Conference and walking down the road in front of the chapel to go catch a motor bike or taxi ride home.

Here are some of the missionaries who attended Conference -

Elder Zolo and Elder Dahlin

Elders Zaugg and Elder Kamara

Elder Widdison, Elder LaMont, and Elder Farewell

Elder Osanebi and Elder Humpherys

It was a great Conference and a great day!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Kru Town

We've now been assigned to the New Kru Town Branch.  
Our Branch President is President F. Nyenswah Doe Sr.
Our first Sunday in the Branch, President Doe shook our hands and said, "Welcome home."  I got a little teary when he said that.  

This is the front of our building.  It does have some electricity or they use a very loud generator.  There are lights, ceiling fans, a microphone (some Sundays), and an electric keyboard (also on some Sundays) that 2 young people in the branch know how to play. 

The building on the side is where Primary, the Literacy Class and, Young Women's in held.

These are the Sister Missionaries that serve in New Kru Town.
Sister Iwenofu and Sister Okeke

 Here's the New Kru Town Elders, Elder Farewell and Elder Conners, pushing one of the branch's newest members to church.

Here's inside the Primary Room.  Today there were 52 children in Primary - in this one little room.  That is Sister Ibra, the 1st counselor, singing with the children.  I was very impressed by the number of Primary songs this little Primary knows.  They've already learned the new song for this year - 'The Family is of God' - and can loudly sing all 4 verses.  That's quite an accomplishment when you realize that they have not actually heard the music.  They've only heard Sister Dennis sing it to them a few times and she knows it by having it sung to her at a District Primary Meeting.

Meet one of the Primary children - Princess.  She's all decked out for church.

A little girl named Ida was sitting next to me today.  She wanted to hold my hand.  (When I saw this picture, I thought what's my mom's hand doing at the end of my arm?)  She also rubbed the skin on my arm and felt my hair.  We decided our skin felt the same - just a different color.  But our hair, felt very different.

The people of New Kru Town are very faithful.  They fill the chapel each Sunday.  And I mean fill!  I don't think we could have fit one more person on the benches.  The branch continues to grow.  There is a confirmation almost every Sunday.  We are loving our new branch and are grateful for the chance to serve there.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another great week!!

Last weekend, the Senior Couples were able to take a quick trip to Marshall.  On our way, we attended a couple of well dedications with our Humanitarian missionaries - Elder and Sister Miles.

This cute little boy is already learning how to help get water from the well and carry back to his house.  His little bowl started out full of water but after a few steps he was pretty wet.  We tried and tried but couldn't get him to smile.  He took his job very seriously.  

Elder Berrett made a new friend.  This little guy came up and stood right next to him.  So many of the children are shy or afraid of us, but he was not.  He wouldn't leave Elder Berrett's side.

After the dedications, some of the villagers took us for a ride in this blue boat to see Monkey Island.  I was so nervous.  The boat would tip to the right, then to the left.  I was sure we were 'going in'.

I was grateful when we reached the island and I saw how big these monkeys (Chimpanzees) were, to learn that we would NOT be getting off the boat.  Instead we sat in the boat and watched.  The monkeys were afraid of the water so they stayed on the island.  We threw them cookies to eat.  One monkey went and got a stick to try and retrieve a cookie that had landed out in the water.  Pretty smart!

After our Island adventure, we all went to the Libassa Ecolodge for over night.  We each had  our own little Palaver Huts to stay in.  

All the furniture was made of bamboo.  Even the water spout in the bathroom was bamboo.  Felt kind of like Swiss Family Robinson.

Here I am enjoying the beautiful private beach of the lodge.  I was thinking about asking if I could serve a beach mission.

We had a wonderful time being together.
Elder and Sister Miles, The other Elder and Sister Miles (the 2 Elder Miles are brothers), President and Sister Kirkham, Elder and Sister Berrett, Ryan and Shannon Busby, Elder and Sister Hezseltine. 

This week we attended Caldwell's District Meeting.  We were well taught and glad we had attended.
Elders Falemai, Orton, Godi, Gunnell

On Wednesday night we teach an Eternal Marriage Class at the Paynesville Chapel.  This is the Paynesville Zone who were at the church teaching lessons, doing interviews, and holding a Book of Mormon Class.
L to R - Elders Jemba, Khasiahi, Gharbin, Tolar, Jensen, Pearmain, Pishl, Price