Sunday, March 1, 2015

As February comes to a close…..

Elder Berrett offered to take me out to lunch at the little shop across the street from our apartment where the missionaries like to buy 'bread and egg'.  The frying pan you see on the right is where your order is cooked up fresh on a one burner hot plate.  The eggs are scrambled with peppers, onions, cabbage and tomatoes…...


…..then, put on this yummy toasted bread.  You can have either a two or three egg sandwich.  
Two eggs cost 2 cedis 70 pesewas and three eggs is 3 cedis 50 pesewas.   That means we ate for about two dollars US.

Nicholas knows we are leaving soon, so he's been stopping by every day after school to see 
Elder 'Berra'

We've been able to give CTR rings to some of our special little friends.  Nicholas seemed pretty pleased with his.

Here's Justice and Elder Berrett playing Frisbee in the narrow walkway between our apartment and the other buildings in the compound.  You have to be pretty good to keep the Frisbee from hitting the walls.  Can you spot the Frisbee?

Here's some more of our little visitors - I think words gotten out the we give little treats when they come to visit, so our number of visitors this week has increased!
Here's what two of the little boys were playing with - a little red matchbox car with no wheels and the plastic bottom of what used to be part of a car.  These toys kept them quite entertained.  

Thursday was the final piano lesson for Jonathan Adu-Gyamfi.  It's amazing to me what he was able to learn with only 4 lessons and no piano to practice on, only a paper keyboard I made him.  He was so appreciative.  His plan is to buy a battery operated keyboard so he can learn to play the hymns for church.  He said, "I love everything about this church, even the music!"

Friday we were able to go into Accra for a fun lunch with Elder and Sister Terry on the left and Elder and Sister Watson on the right.  We went to 'Burgers and Relish' and had the best hamburger and onion rings we've had since coming to West Africa.  The food was great and the company even better.

Elder Berrett is a counselor in the Adoagyiri Branch Presidency.  
He's loved working with Nana Akomea Welbeck, the Branch Clerk,

And, Kwaku Apeasah, the Executive Secretary, and 

President Joseph Quansah, our Branch President.

For my final Sunday in Primary I had a sticker that said, "Primary makes me happy" and a Blow Pop sucker for each of the children.  Sister Keele was visiting and helped me hand them out.
I did the 'I love you' sign and asked the Primary children, "What does this mean?"  They all said in unison, "Sister Berrett loves us and so does Heavenly Father".  They are so right!

Here's a picture of the Branch Primary workers.
Front - kneeling down - Kate
Back row - Abigail, Me, Victoria, Mavis.
I love these dedicated ladies.

We were able to find some nice white fabric and have 'Yao the tailor' sew some baptismal clothes for the Branch.  We were so happy that we were able to have this done before we left.  Now they won't have to borrow.  They have their own!  And,  just in time for Sunday's baptisms.

Each time there's a baptism, we have to call a water truck to come fill the font.  Our poor font leaks so badly that even though the font was filled about 6 pm on Saturday, by 12:30 pm Sunday, half the water had leaked out. 

The Adoagyiri Branch.
Oh, how we are going to miss them!!


We will leave our little apartment on Thursday to go into Accra to say good bye to the many friends we have made there.  Friday we will be able to go to the Temple one more time and then have a farewell testimony meeting.  We fly out that night at 10:25 pm.  After an 11 hour and 40 minute flight, we will arrive in New York at 5:05 am.  Then, on to Salt Lake City where we should arrive at about 10:15 am.  Can't believe that it's really time for us to go home.  We are so excited to see our family and friends and at the same time so sad to leave our Adoagyiri Branch family.  We hope they know how much we love them and that we will never forget our time with them.

See you Saturday!!


  1. Hi there, We have loved reading your blog and always look for photos of Elder Snyder who is our grandson. You have provided a great service by giving us a peek into your mission. We will leave our mission in Ecuador on March 12th. Missions are marvelous but going home is even better. We get to meet new twin grandsons and Elder Snyder's new sister in law as well as attend another grandchild wedding in May. Thanks for your blog. Lewis and Jeri Pettingill

  2. Well done, Mom. Your blog has been such a treat. I can't read this without crying. Those children and everyone are going to miss you so much. You and Dad have done such an incredible job. We couldn't be more proud of you both. Enjoy your last few days in Africa (Hayden now says this is where he'd like to go in his mission) and then hurry on home to us!! We're waiting with arms wide open!

  3. Mission Accomplished!! You did it and we are so proud of you! I can't imagine how hard it was to say good bye to all those wonderful people that have become such a part of your lives. You have done great things and changed many lives....including mine!! Love you both so much and can't wait for Saturday. I feel like a kid at Christmas!!!