Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Don't cry because it's over…..

Smile because it happened."
Quote by Theodor S. Geisel - AKA Dr. Seuss

Our last meeting with the newly formed Nsawam Zone.

They performed an original song for us with some really clever wording and hand movements.  When they started singing, "We're goin'a miss them when they're gone" tears came to our eyes because we knew we're goin'a miss THEM when WE'RE gone!

L to R - Front - Elders McConkie, Hales, Peterson
Back - Elders Zounmenou, Lefler, Ridenour ( Zone Leader), Svinurai, Obasogie (Adoagyiri District Leader), Jones (Nsawam District Leader), Snyder

Our farewell meal with the Elders.  
The American Elders were excited about the sandwiches and the African Elders had to be shown how to make a sandwich because they'd never had one before.  I've loved feeding the missionaries.  They are always sooo appreciative.  

Before leaving, Elder Berrett stopped at Nana Akomea Welbeck's shop.  Nana is the Branch Clerk in the Adoagyiri Branch.  Elder Berrett had promised him he would teach him how to tie a tie.  He gave Nana a tie and a tie tying lesson.  Every Sunday, Nana would bring his tie to church and someone else would tie it for him.  Now, he can do it himself!

One more visit from our 'little' friends who came by late the night before we left to tell us goodbye.
L to R - Charity, Emmanuel, Nicholas, Isaac, Daniel

The morning we left Adoagyiri, President Quansah came over to say goodbye.  As we drove out of our compound , I looked back at him and saw a tear running down his cheek.  Oh, we are going to miss him and this wonderful little branch.

Here's the sign we left on our apartment door.  We were so blessed to be assigned to this Branch.  We have come to love them and serving with them.

A quick stop next door to our apartment to say goodbye to Victoria at her little shop.  She kept saying, "God, bless you."  That's what we wish for her too.

We were so happy to be able to say goodbye to some of our Liberia missionaries before we left.
 It won't be long and all the missionaries we served with in Liberia will be home.
L to R - Elders Jensen, Abbott, Anderson

President and Sister Hill took all the Senior Missionaries out to a really nice dinner at the Movenpick Hotel the night before we left.  We are going to miss these wonderful missionaries who are now our dear friends.  

Starting at the front of the table and across from each other are the - Hills, Berretts, Keeles, Lathams

The morning we flew out, we were able to attend one more session in the Accra Temple.  We love this beautiful little temple.  It was a real blessing to us to be able to visit it so many times. 
L to R - Elder and Sister Keele, Elder and Sister Latham, us, Sister and President Hill

After the Temple session, we all went to the Mission Home for lunch and a testimony meeting, where we received our mission scarves.  On the scarves they put our names, date of service and mission.  We had them put Ghana AND Liberia.

After a very long trip home that included missing our connecting flight in New York - which added a four hour layover - we finally arrived home to the most wonderful sight.  

We were finally able to meet our newest grandchild - Stockton.

All down our street our family had put  fun signs welcoming us home.

We even had neighbors and friends waiting for us along the side of our street.  We had to stop the car so I could get out and hug them.

Home sweet home!  
Covered in signs, balloons, and yellow ribbons. When I walked in our house I thought, "This is so nice.  We are so blessed."   I hope I never forget that.

It's so good to be home with our family.  But, already we find ourselves asking, "Did we really do that?  Go to Africa on a mission?"  We miss our many friends in Liberia and Ghana and are so grateful for this wonderful experience.  And, while we have cried because it's over, we are smiling because it happened!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful, touching mission! Welcome home! You earned your scarves for sure!

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