Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A little of this and that ……..

Here's one of the stands we like to stop at to get fruits and vegetables.

At the far left is, Jenneh, the owner of the stand.  This is a great place to get wonderful pineapples, bananas, cucumbers, avocados, and some things I'm not even sure what they are!!

Every time we drive over to  Bushrod Island, I notice this cute little blue shop.  We finally stopped and I bought one of the large hand carved wooden spoons they sell.  Cost?  
150 LD or just less than $2.

Yep, the Rainy Season has begun.

It was nice when Elder Price and Elder Kamara left for church!  Some nice members gave them flip flops to wear home and bags to put their shoes and scriptures in.  Some of the puddles were so deep, that they had to roll their pants up above their knees to walk through them.  We stopped to give them a ride, but not before I took their picture.

This is Abraham - a security guard at our compound - his girlfriend Princess and their daughter Jocelyn.  One day, Abraham asked Elder Berrett if he had something he could read about our church.  He gave him some pamphlets and had the missionaries come talk to him.  Now he and Princess are scheduled to be baptized next month.  Elder Berrett had just helped them fill out their application for a marriage license.  They will be married on May 31.  Abraham asked Elder Berrett if he would baptize him! 

Could not get Jocelyn to smile.  Loved those chubby cheeks!

We were fascinated by Princess' hair.

  Another great hair do - This is Sister Muzambi's.  She told us it took the lady who did it only 30 minutes and it should last for about a month.   

Here's Rose, a little girl we meet at church.  Notice her fun hat.  

This is a little boy in our New Kru Town Branch.  His name is Obama.  

We are always amazed by the 'toys' the Liberian children play with.  Notice this little guy with a wheel on the end of a stick.  He was having the best time just running around, pushing his stick, and watching the wheel turn around and around.  We also see kids with paint rollers on the end of a long stick and they will be doing the same thing - just pushing the paint roller along watching it spin around and around.  


  1. I love all these pictures Mom. It makes me happy to see where you are living. It is so crazy cause we just got Brooks a stick with a wheel on it for his b-day :) We have so much and those cute kids are happy with so little. Thank you for sharing. I love you guys so much.

  2. The children in Liberia are beautiful!! So excited for Abraham and Princess, how neat to be involved in their journey. These pictures are awesome!!

  3. I love all these pictures! I especially love seeing all the children. They are so beautiful and are happy with next to nothing. Exciting news about the baptism!