Friday, May 30, 2014


Remember Alex Vandy, the young man from Liberia we met when we had to go home in January?  He gave us his sister, Margaret's, phone number. We called and were able to meet with her last month. 
On Wednesday, she called us to see if we could meet at the Paynesville Chapel so she could introduce us to her children.  

Here's Precious, Margaret, Paul, and Princess.  Such a nice family.  
Margaret brought us two of the biggest pineapples I've ever seen.  So nice!

This is our Eternal Marriage Class that we teach in Paynesville on Wednesday night.
This is the greatest group of people.  When they saw us talking to Margaret and her family, they came right up, hugged and welcomed them all.  We love these people.  
Our class was supposed to be for YSA to help them prepare for a Temple Marriage.  Somehow we've ended up with a group of older singles and married couples.  We've had some of the best discussions with them.  

For several months, Richard Desmond has been attending our class.  It wasn't till we were told he was going to be baptized that we realized he wasn't a member of the church.  It was a great day when he and he whole little family were baptized. 

Baptism day.
Front row - L to R - Joyce, Solomon, Richard Jr.
Back row - L to R - Elder Tolard, Richard, Decontee, Elder Bowring

When we walked out of our class this week, we saw that Elder Bowring had started up the mower and was hard at work.  Way to go Elder!!

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  1. Thanks for the fun update and pictures! They all sound like such wonderful people! I'd LOVE to meet them and attend your class. I'm sure they adore you and Dad. You're doing a great job! Love you so much.