Saturday, June 7, 2014

What a great day!!

Last Saturday, Princess and Abraham were married.
This Saturday they were baptized members of the Church.

Abraham asked Elder Berrett if he would baptize him and Princess.  Of course!
Elder Berrett had to borrow Elder Finau's white pants.  We never thought that he might have the chance to baptize while on mission.

This is the font at the Matadi chapel where today's baptisms were performed.
Notice Elder Berrett's crutches.  He stepped in a small hole over a week ago and sprained his ankle  pretty badly.  He's been on crutches now for 9 days, which means I'm doing all the driving!  Yikes!!

Elder Berrett in the font ready to begin.

Before the  baptism, this tiny gecko had to be fished out of the water.  

Elder Berrett was able to perform all the baptisms scheduled for today.  
Romeo Twaklee Flomo, Linda Theresa Smith, Princess Kormbah, Abraham Kormbah.

The Matadi Branch showed up to support their newest members.

The missionaries and their converts
Elder Bosomtwe, Abraham, Princess, Elder Elliott.

Elder Bosomtwe and Elder Berrett signing the baptismal records.  

If the only reason we needed to come to Liberia was so that we could introduce Abraham and Princess to the missionaries, IT WAS WORTH IT!


  1. What a special day! I'm so glad dad's ankle was good enough to perform the baptisms. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience.

  2. What a great day!! I am so happy for them!! I am so glad that you could be there to get to know these amazing people. Thanks for all the pictures, it makes my dad to see your blog updates.

    1. * It makes my day to see your blog updates :)