Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some of what we saw this week…..

This week we attended the Logan Town District Meeting, which includes Logan Town and Doe Community Branches.  Because of all the rain, bad roads, and traffic on Bushrod Island, we were a hour late but still enjoyed a great meeting.  
L to R - Elders Kamara, Ideh, Osatohangbon (sitting) Gharbin, Burr, Price, Widdison, Okunrobo

There is a group of small shops by the old American Embassy that we call 'The Mall'.  That's where I like to get recycled glass bead bracelets and Elder Berrett likes to try his bartering skills with the shop owners.  We've been there so many times, that now we know the names of many of the shop owners.  We are especially attracted to the wood carvers who use the simplest of tools.  Look closely and you'll see this carver making an elephant using a small hatchet.  They are fascinating to watch.

This is Abu who employes many of the wood carvers there to make things for his shop.  Here he's putting the finishing touches on the carving of a man reading a book for Elder Berrett.

This is a view of the Mission Office as you drive up Redemption Road.  See the office just to the right of the two palm trees. This location gives great views of the ocean.  

This large tree, located by the Mission Office, fell over during a big rain storm. Notice how small Elder Berrett looks!  They had already cut the branches off that were blocking the road, but you can still tell how large it was.     

Of course this sign caught my eye.  A fully furnished beach house for lease!!  Sign me up.

Saturday Samuel Weah and Marya Fahnbulleh were married in a civil ceremony at the Duala District Center.  Don't you love their outfits.  I would love to be able to try Marya's hat on.  It is made of cloth that has been stapled to fit her head.  It was beautiful.

This is Samuel's mother - Sister Comfort Weah.  She is the Relief Society President in the New Kru Town Branch where we go to church.  She is so faithful and we just love her.

One last picture - Brother Wallace, a branch missionary and Elder Orton walking towards their apartment after a morning of proselyting.  That's their compound on the right.  I love it when we come upon the missionaries out 'doing the work'.


  1. You better not be thinking about staying in Liberia and getting a beach house. I know you love it there, but really!!;). Awesome pics! I can't wait to see the wood carvings you bring home. Such talent! Maybe you should think about bringing home one of those hats. I'd love to see it up close! Love you!!

  2. I loved reading this post and seeing all the great pictures! ❤️ If you decide to do that beach house, please save a "fully furnished" room for me. Love and miss you LOTS!