Saturday, July 5, 2014

And the rains came down….

Liberia only has two seasons - The Dry Season and The Rainy Season.  It's official - it's The Rainy Season.  Even the locals are amazed by the amount of rain we are getting.  See how deep the water is on this car as it slowly travels down Somalia Drive.

I worried for these two young boys.  I was afraid they might fall down from the force of the water as they tried to cross the street.  The water is up past their knees.

If you have to catch a ride on a motorcycle taxi, hope one with an attached umbrella comes along.

Just as we left the Duala District Center, we saw two of our Elders walking in the rain to get to Saturday's baptisms - Elder Kamara and Elder Price.

We stopped to make a delivery at the Caldwell New Georgia apartment.  The Elders all gathered on the porch to watch Elder Berrett and I make our way across their flooded parking lot.  I think we put on quite a show for them!

The water completely covered our shoes.  WHY didn't I bring my boots!!

A few of the Elders decided to join us.
Elders Erickson, Gunnell, and Agyei

As we drove past the Brewerville/Banjor Branch Chapel, we noticed the members were there trying to sweep the water out of their flooded building.  They'd been at it since 6:30 am and it was now 11:00 am.  
Can you pick out the missionaries?

They were also trying to dig a trench to divert the water away from the building.

Here's Elder LaMont on his way to help.  You can see his companion, Elder Fairwell, ahead of him carrying two mop buckets.

Even the Sisters braved the elements.
Sisters Iwenofu and Dlamini

People will put plastic grocery bags or shower caps on their heads to help keep their hair dry.

No need to let a 'little' rain stop a good soccer game!

When it rains, the window washers come out.  When you stop for a light, they pour laundry detergent on your windows and rub it on with a rag. Then the rain is supposed to wash away the soap and you'll have clean windows.  But, it really just soaps up your windows and makes it difficult to see out.  Then when they are done, they want you to pay them for cleaning your windows.  When we see them coming towards our truck, we start waving our arms and saying, "NO!  NO!" since you usually have to start driving before the rain has a chance to rinse your windows clean. 


As we drove over the bridge from Bushrod Island,  a man dressed up and walking on stilts was coming from the opposite direction.  I wish you could see his face.  It was covered with what looked like burlap  cloth with no holes for his eyes or mouth.  It must have been hard for him to see and breathe. He stopped right in front of our car and I took his picture.  He then wanted me to pay him for 'letting' me take his picture.  We waited for a few minutes and he finally moved and let us pass.

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  1. The rain definitely doesn't put a damper on things in Liberia....look at all those smiles! Stay safe, love you!!