Thursday, July 17, 2014

The First Time Ever in Liberia ….

The first YSA Summit was held in Liberia on July 11-12 at Ricks Institute in Virginia, Liberia.
173 Young Single Adults attended the two day Summit.
Elder Berrett and I were asked to be the advising couple to help with the planning.

Elder Terrence Vinson, 1st Counselor in the West Africa Area Presidency spoke to the YSA.

Lillian Martino also spoke.  She is an 18 year old girl who was born in Ghana and later adopted by a family in Heber City, Utah.  She has started a foundation that helps needy children in Ghana.
And our Mission President, President Kirkham, spoke.

Fun games were played.  
Try this - put a piece of spaghetti in your mouth and be the first to pick up 5 penne pastas.  
Harder than it looks!

First time they'd ever heard of or tried a three-legged race.  

More picture of those attending.

A BIG thanks to Sister Bryant and Sister Gonquoi who were in charge of feeding 4 meals to almost 200 people.

Take a look at where they cooked those meals.  Notice the charcoal stove in the back.

And the oven where they did their baking. 

They even brought their own bags of charcoal to heat the ovens.  
There is charcoal wrapped in palms leaves inside these bags.

Elder Berrett had a chance to visit with some of the YSA while they waited for their rides homes.

I think this shirt about sums it up.  They are proud to be a Mormon.  
It was a great group of kids that came and enjoyed being with each other.  Some traveling a long as 4 hours to be there.  
They were able to be part of history making in the church by attending the 
first YSA Summit ever held in Liberia.  
And just think….we got to be there too!


  1. What a neat experience to be a part of. I love seeing all the happy faces of those involved. I am sure it is something the YSA will remember for a long time. I love you Mom & Dad.

  2. That is wonderful. What an awesome experience!!! I read about the Sister from Heber. She has an amazing story. Glad you were able to be such a big part of such a great experience.
    Sister LeeAnn Bowring