Saturday, July 26, 2014

Farewell to the Hezseltines and other July pictures….

Farewell good friends and mission mentors…

July 23, 2014 - Elder and Sister Hezseltine left for home. They have worked so hard to get this mission up and running.  We will miss Elder Hezseltine's expertise with the computer and Sister Hezseltine's shopping knowledge of where to go to get what you need for the best price.  In my mind I can still hear her saying, "Is that your best price?"  

All the Senior Couples went to the The Flower Chinese Restaurant for a farewell dinner.
L to R - Elder and Sister Dever, Sister and Elder Berrett, President and Sister Kirkham, 
Sister and Elder Hezseltine, Elder and Sister Miles.
Salt Lake Butler West Stake - our home Stake - did several service projects as part of their yearly Women's Conference.  One of those projects included writing to some of the missionaries here in Liberia.   

The missionaries have been so pleased to receive the letters.  For some it was the first letter they'd received while on their mission.  They were so surprised when I handed it to them.  It was as much fun for us give them out as it was for the missionaries to get them.
Here are Elder Anang's, Banguara's, and Enwukweri's happy faces after reading their letters.

Elder Banguara was so excited to show us his letter because our daughter Lara had been the one to write it.  Made us happy, too.

We gave Elder Maurana -from Zimbabwe - his letter.  He immediately went into his apartment and read it, came right out and said to me , "This is the sweetest letter."  
Good job, Nathan and Brita Croft family!

I've had phone calls from other missionaries who received letters, saying thank you…so I'm passing on a BIG THANKS to all of you who took the time to write our missionaries.  
Your letters meant a lot to them.

We thought this was a great picture of 3 great missionaries as they were walking on their way to the mission office.  I love that you can see the ocean in the picture, too.  This is Elder Finau's last Sunday in Liberia.  The next day he left for his home in Tonga.
L to R - Elders Finau, Dahin, and Burr - our Mission AP's.  

We had just come from church where the Sisters in the branch told me I looked African.  That made me happy.  I bought the material and our friend Abraham (the young man that Elder Berrett baptized) sewed the outfit  for me.  
We had to have our picture taken with Elder Finau before he left for home.  We will miss that smile.

We just got a shell put on our truck this week.  It makes our deliveries to the missionaries so much easier.  We're being patriotic with the Liberian flag on our window.  
July 26th is Liberian Independence Day.  

Here is a picture of our New Kru Town Branch on the day that they were divided to create the new Lagoon Branch.  It was Elder Conner's (back row) last Sunday in the branch before he was transferred to Thinker Village.  His companion, Elder Smith, is in front.  Love these people!

In our branch is a small boy named Favor Weah.  When we first started attending church there, he would run from us - he was so afraid.  Now he runs to us.  He especially loves Elder Berrett.

We stopped at the Caldwell apartments to make a delivery.  In front of the compound was a group of children playing marbles.  Elder Berrett used to be a marble champ when he was a boy so couldn't resist giving it a try.  Some things you never forget how to do!

It was my birthday on July 18.  When we arrived at the mission office there was a group of missionaries there who were preparing to go home.  They beautifully sang 'Happy Birthday', then did an impromptu birthday rap.  They were really good!!  Love these missionaries.
(L to R. Elders Dahlin, Humpherys, Myaka, Finau, Marondera (in front), Ayim, Burr


  1. That picture of dad playing marbles is my favorite. Thanks for the recap; the pictures are great.

  2. I love the African outfit! Loved reading this! You guys look great! Love you!