Sunday, May 25, 2014

Zone Conference and…..

This time, our Zone Conference meetings were divided into 3 areas.  
Elder Berrett and I attended the Zone Conference held on Bushrod Island at Duala.  
Our Conference included the Brewerville and Caldwell Districts.  
It was a great conference and we loved being with all these missionaries!!

Back Row - L to R - Elders Humpherys, Abbott, Osanebi, Cottrell, Agyei, Orton, Gunnell, 
Obeng-poku, Agyemang, Bangura, Enwukweri, Myaka.
Middle Row - L to R - Elders Dahlin, Backman, Amoah, Anderson, Nartey, LaMont, Farewell, Pearmain, Erickson, Maurana, Falemai, Finau.
Front Row - President and Sister Kirkham and Elder and Sister Berrett

Here are some of the missionaries receiving letters from 
President and Sister Kirkhams' daughter - Kelli's Primary AND our daughter - Lara's Primary.
Missionaries LOVE to get mail!!

 Elders Falemai, Orton, Cottrell, Abbott, Pearmain, Erickson

Elders LaMont, Farewell, Humpherys, Osanebi

Elder Banguar and Elder Enwukweri leaving Conference on a motorbike taxi

 Moving day!
Closed down the Upper Caldwell apartment and moved Elder Banguar 
and Elder Enwukweri in with the Caldwell New Georgia Elders.
L to R - Elders Berrett, Erickson, Pearmain, Bangura, Enwukweri, and Brother Sayon

Caldwell Zone Leaders - Elders Erickson and Pearmain - taking a much needed break.

Do you remember the end of last year when we ask everyone to fast and pray with the Logan Town Branch that they would get a better place to meet?  Well, those prayers have been answered.  
It's a long story - but a quick version is that Elder Berrett met the owner of the Logan Town Branch building, invited him to church, he was taught by the missionaries, and baptized.  Brother McCauley  now has sold the land and building to the church and they are remolding it.  

You can see at the back where they have expanded the chapel.

Here's what it looks like inside.  Everyone should now be able to fit for Sacrament Meeting.
We are excited to see what it all looks like when they are done. 
And we are so pleased for the Logan Town Branch.


I always notice this stack of mattresses along side the road as we're driving on Bushrod Island.  I think all the bright colors catch my eye - plus the fact that you can buy a mattress right there by the road!  
I'm even more fascinated by the people who buy them and how they transport them home.

 The mattress buyers here figure out some interesting ways to get their mattresses home.  

They just fold it in half and then…..

Put it ON or IN a car or taxi ...

Or on their head and walk it home…..

Or on their head on the back of motorbike taxi.

Just some helpful ideas for you next time you buy a mattress and are wondering 
"How am I going to get this home?"


  1. Oh Mom! It makes me cry to think of the remodeled church building for the Logan Town Branch. That's so wonderful! Dad played a key role in this, as did you, and I just can't stop smiling thinking about it!
    If I need a new brightly colored matters, I know where to come! ��

  2. I mean MATTRESS! Amazing what you can buy on the side of the road!

  3. What a blessing that new Church building will be! What a wonderful thing to have played a part in! As usual, it's so fun to see the pictures and get a glimpse of what life in Liberia is like....what a place!!

  4. I am so grateful that the Logan Town Branch will have a nicer place to meet. Prayers are truly answered. You and Dad had a big part in that and I am sure they will forever be grateful to you. I am glad the missionaries liked the Primary children's letters. They loved being able to do that for the missionaries. Brooks needs a new mattress, do you think you could fold it up and get it on the plane home. I am sure you can get a good deal on the side of the road. I love all the pictures, thanks for sharing. Love you so much

  5. What an awesome story of the power of prayer! How awesome! I love reading your mission experiences! ❤️you guys!