Sunday, February 8, 2015

12 and 24

You've heard of 7 Eleven and 24/7 BUT have you heard of 12 and 24?
Well, that's our new electricity schedule.  Twelve hours on and 24 hours off.  It's not easy, but at least we know when we'll have power!  Den's call to the Electric Company found out that this is how it's going to be for 2 or 3 months OR longer!!

'Light off' affects a lot of things.  

'Light off' means IF we want to watch a movie and our laptop is not charged, we have to turn on the generator.   The generator is so loud that we have to hold the speakers up to our ears to be able to hear what we're watching.

'Light off' means IF we need wood cut to replace broken slats on an Elder's bed, we have to go to several lumber stores before we can find one with a hand saw to cut it.
(This was our first stop looking for wood.  Notice the nice white casket that you can also buy there.)

'Light off' means we had to go to 3 different lumber stores till we found one with a hand saw AND someone willing to use it to cut the wood we needed.  This guy was amazing.  Took him no time at all AND he cut it so straight.

'Light off' means that IF the Stake Clerk needs to go over a few things with the Branch Clerk, they will need to move all the computer stuff outside to our porch and use our noisy generator.
Where there's a will…..there's a way!

'Light off' means IF I'm going to teach my very first piano lesson, I'll have to do it outside because it's too dark and hot inside.  Luckily our keyboard had working batteries.
This is Salomey and Jonathon from the Nsawam Branch.  I have 4 weeks to teach them everything I know - which is about 3 weeks too long!!  My mom was right - I should have practiced more!!

Today, our Branch Clerk's comment about 'light off' was that it 'pains him rough'.  We agree!!

Monday we went into Accra to visit the Ghana Mission and say goodbye to three of our Liberia missionaries who were heading for home that day.
Here we are with Elders Zaugg and Burr.

And, Elder Cottrell.  Three of the finest!!  

It made us so happy to be able to see them one more time before they flew home.

This week's District Meeting was with the Adoagyiri Elders.
L to R - Elders Hales, Obsaogie, McConkie, Ridenour, Cartwright, Snyder

On the street with 'our'  Nsawam Elders.
L to R - Elders Peterson, Berrett, Jones, Zounmenou, Bass

This is Abigail - one of the hardest working people I know.  She asked if I'd teach her how to make my banana muffins.  Several weeks ago, I had given her one and she liked it.  She now wanted to learn how they were made so she could sell them.  I was also able to give her some cupcake papers and pans.  She told me today at church that on Saturday, she made some and sold them all.  She was very pleased. I told her I wanted to buy some, too.

Went with the missionaries to visit Elizabeth.  She is one of our helpers in Primary.  She's been ill and hasn't been to church for a while.  It was good to see her and tell her how much she's been missed.  She promised to be at church on Sunday.   (And she was!!)

Also visited with James.  He is the sweetest 'little' man.  He has a farm where he raises cassava and plantains. 

This is Doreen. 
Several weeks ago our Primary children wrote notes to thank our daughter Kari's primary for the crayons they'd sent them.  Our granddaughter Kate received the note from Doreen.  I told Doreen I wanted to take her picture so Kate could see whose note she'd received.  Doreen wanted to see a picture of Kate.  When I showed her one, she wanted to keep it.  So Kate, here's your new friend Doreen in Adoagyiri, Ghana, West Africa.

Kojo, our Primary President's little boy, was having a hard time in Primary today.  So his mom just picked him up by one arm, swung him around onto her back where he hung on tight.  Usually children are tied onto their mother's back, but I guess when they get old enough, they can hang on by themselves.  He quieted right down so Sister Victoria could finish her Sharing Time.

A little girl at Primary asked when I was going home.  'Three more Sundays,' I said.    She said, "I will miss you."  OH! I will miss you, too!!


  1. In the words of my Dad, "That's no way to run a country!!" Good thing you only have to worry about that for 26 MORE DAYS....but who's counting!!! :) I showed the kids in Primary the picture of your Primary, passed around the cards and showed them the video clip of the kids singing "The Family is of God" that Shawna had. They LOVED it!!! I let the older kids take the cards home and one little girl said, "I'm going to keep this forever!" Such an awesome experience for these kids to learn and see what Primary in Africa is like. Love you both so much!!

  2. What a difference you are making! You're putting your many talents to such good use! I love all the pictures (and still want you to bring home one of those cute littl kids to me! 😉). Even if, as Dad says, "this government doesn't take care of its people," you and Dad ARE taking care of them in such wonderful ways. I love you both and am so proud of you!