Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is what we've been up to this week…….

Monday night we had FHE with our Adoagyiri Elders.  Elder Ridenour (sorry the picture is a little blurry) was in charge of refreshments.  He made his famous 'Magic Bars'.  They really were magic!  One minute they were there.  The next minute they were all gone!

Elder Snyder was in charge of the activity at FHE.  
He taught us a different way to tie a tie and a quick and simple way to fold a shirt.  

Here's the whole FHE group.
Front - Elder Obasogie
Middle - Elders Snyder, Cartwright, Ridenour
Back - Elder and Sister Berrett and Elders, McConkie, Hales

Yep, the power has still been off a lot.  So Elder Berrett decided to study outside on our porch, where it's not quite as hot or dark.  

Every time we drive by the Shai Hill Reserve we say, "We need to stop some time and drive through." Well, we realized we are running out of time, so Saturday we went with 3 other Senior Missionary Couples to take a look.

We had a great time with……
The Lathams, Keeles, and Crisps.

What we learned about the reserve from Francis, our guide, was -
*That the landscape is a costal savannah
*That there are predators in the park - pythons!  (Wish he'd told us that before we got out of the truck and walked around!)
*That on the weekends most visitors are 'obrunie' - that's Twi for 'white people'.  That's us!

We climbed to the top of a rock formation called 'Mogo Rock' for a better view.  
And what a view it was!  It felt like you could see forever.

The animals we saw in the reserve were….. 

*Ostriches - far away….

…and up close.

*And, Kob - a type of antelope.

Francis told us that there are so many Kob in the reserve that they are 'uncountable'.  That's a lot!

After our tour of the reserve, we drove to the Senchi Hotel for a wonderful Valentine's Day lunch.  We also had to stop at the Cedi Beads Annex to say good bye to our friend Samuel and give him one more Liahona.  He was so happy to see us…..and get his Liahona.

At church on Sunday ALL the Adoagyiri Elders wore their Mission ties.  
A good looking group of missionaries and ties.

We learned today that Elder Cartwright will be transferred to Kasoa on Wednesday.  We have loved having him right next door.  In the three months he's been one of our next door Elders, he's worked hard with his trainer, Elder Snyder and has shared his love for the Temple with the Branch.  He's a great young man and missionary. We will miss you Elder Cartwright.

 Most lessons, interviews, and visits are done outside.

Looking around at church today we realized we will only meet with these wonderful people for 2 more Sundays.  We are sure going to miss our little Adoagyiri Branch. 

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  1. What a fun FHE, hope you got the recipe for those Magic Bars! Can't believe you're almost home.....we can't wait!!!