Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cape Coast

This week we went with several other Senior Missionary Couples to Cape Coast for a couple of days.  Cape Coast is located in the Central Region of Ghana right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

We stayed at the Coconut Grove Beach Resort in their African Village rooms.  It was a lovely resort with….

a beautiful swimming pool (and guests!!) and…..
(L to R - Elders Latham and Keele and Sisters Keele, Latham and Berrett)

lovely grounds and……
(L to R - Sisters Crisp, Latham, and Berrett)

a gorgeous beach!!
(Those that know me, know how happy this made me.)

We were able to a visit the Elmina Slave Castle built by the Portugese in 1482.

It is the oldest and largest existing castle connected to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  . 

It was quite a somber tour. 

Elder Berrett and Elder Keele check out where the slaves boarded the boats.

The next day we visited the Kakum National Park where we walked on the canopy walk which is made up of 7 swinging bridges that are suspend between the trees at heights from 35 feet to 130 feet in the air. 

Here's our group, ready to begin the canopy walk.
L to R - Elder and Sister Keele, Sister and Elder Crisp, President and Sister Hill, Sister and Elder Berrett, and Sister and Elder Latham.

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to be suspend that high in the air.  I found if I went first, the walkways weren't swinging too much and I could make it across quite quickly…which was good!

You can see that the walk ways weren't too wide.  We all hung onto the nets and ropes that ran along the sides.

And the best part -- we did it!! AND we survived!!!

We also stopped at a crocodile farm where we met the crocodiles up close and even got to touch one.

I wasn't going to touch him, but our guide said, "Oh, Sister Berrett, you've got to do it!"  So, I did.

The best part of our week was Sunday when Celestina and Felix were baptized.  Elder Berrett was able to baptize Felix.  They are such sweet, humble people. They will be a great addition to the Nsawam Branch.  

We had such a nice time with our fellow Senior Missionary Couples.  A great group of people.  We are grateful to know and serve with them.


  1. What a fun get away you had. Cape Coast looks beautiful. I am so proud of you both for going on the swinging bridge, yikes!! I'm so happy for Felix and Celestina. What a blessing you got to be there for their baptism. Love you guys. 33 days 😆

  2. What an incredible experience! Cape Coast looks amazing! I'm so glad you got to go with the other couples and that you had such a great time (especially glad you survived that swinging bridge!) I loved the picture of you and Dad with Felix and Celestina. That's what it's all about. Love you both so much! Counting down the days!!!