Saturday, November 30, 2013

Are you aware?

Last Tuesday we got a call from Elder Humpherys telling us the sealant the dentist had put on his chipped tooth two weeks earlier had fallen off.  So back to the dentist we went on Wednesday morning.  We checked in with the receptionist and sat down to wait.  We had been waiting for just a few minutes when in walks Dr. Neal, the dentist.  He recognizes me and asks, "Do you have someone here to see me?"  I tell him, "Yes, a returning patient."  He says, "Wednesday is my day off.  I usually teach at the University, but they are closed today.  I just stopped by the office for a minute, but I will see him."

Really?  Why hadn't the receptionist told me he wasn't in?  That it was his day off?   Dr. Neal has Elder Humpherys come right in and again fixes his tooth.  I'd been nervous to ask the cost, even though I knew we shouldn't be charged again.  So when Dr. Neal tells me, "No charge",  I was relived.

As he walked out of the dentist's office, into the waiting room, Elder Humpherys looks at his companion, Elder Zaugg, and says, "Miracle number 3!"  Come to find out they had been given rides to the dentist's office that morning by two nice people who hadn't charged them a cent.  Now he'd come to the dentist's office just a few minutes before the dentist who shouldn't have been in that morning and gotten his tooth fixed for no additional charge.
The Elders were aware of the miracles that had taken place in their lives that day.  They were already up to 3 and it was just noon!  

It got me thinking.  Do I recognize those 'miracles' - tender mercies - that occur every day in my life?  I think I need to be more aware and grateful.  Thanks for the reminder Elders.  And thanks Dr. Neal!!

Elders Humpherys and Zaugg leaving the dentist's office.


  1. Wow that is something to think about. These missionaries are so amazing, we can learn so much from them. Thank you for sharing this Mom. I love you to pieces :)

  2. Thank you Elder Zaugg and Humphreys for reminding me to look for the miracles in my life!! Love your blog Mom, so glad the internet is working again so I can be uplifted....Miracle #1 today!!

    1. Hooray! Your blog is back! What a great reminder to be more aware. I think miracles are all around us, every day, it's just that sometimes we don't see them. What great missionaries to look at life that way. Thanks for the great story, Mom. Love you so much!